Ceramic Knives Save Millions In Lost Tarnished Food

Ceramic Knives Beneficial To the Household Budget Claims Manufacturer

We all think of it is as a fact of life, whether it is that 3 day old lettuce we used to make a sandwich with, a half eaten apple or any number of examples of food that we have left in the fridge expecting to use in the next day or two. Of course, by the time we come back to it, that tarnished brown color on the edge of the lettuce means that we are left cutting away a good proportion of it and throwing it away as waste and whilst it may not seem like much, once you add up the incidences of food that you have thrown away over a month or a year, the costs start to accumulate into a sizeable slice of your budget for food.

But help is at hand, says Ceramic Knife manufacturer CHEFPRO CROWN. As a spokesperson explained:

“Most people think of Ceramic kitchenware as either too expensive, or surprisingly enough, not sharp enough. The fact is that their is a wide variation in quality currently in the ceramic knife market so consumers do need to take care when choosing a ceramic knife to use. But when they choose well, ceramic knives have some great benefits over their steel counterparts. One of these is, of course, the lack of causing oxidization or tarnishing as it is better known. Because the blades are ceramic, their is no micro residue left on food by the blade. In a large part it is this micro residue left by steel blades interacting with acids in the food that causes the majority of tarnishing. The other aspects of a good ceramic knife is their sharpness when they are polished properly.”

“We all know that ceramic blades anre extremely hard. The Zirconium dioxide that they are molded from is the second hardest material next to diamond. But the blades still need to be highly polished once the blade has been molded. This is where you find the wide price range when you look at the blades on offer for sale at the moment.”

CHEFPRO CROWN currently sells an introductory ceramic paring knife and peeler set on Amazon USA. The spokesperson continued, “We wanted to give people the chance to try a high quality blade made of ceramic at a price that would interest most people. We have plans in the very near future to release a wider range of knives at the higher end of the market but this set allows people to try the sharpness of a high end blade at a great price so that they can experience the benefits not only to their work in the kitchen but also to their household budgets. Ceramic makes prep work faster and wont tarnish your food.”

The CHEFPRO CROWN Ceramic Paring Knife is sold exclusively on Amazon USA. For a limited time it can be purchased a considerable discount to its RRP, (Recommended retail price)


CHEFPRO CROWN are manufacturers and distributors of kitchenware products. The Ultra Sharp Ceramic Paring Knife and Vegetable Peeler Set can be found exclusively on Amazon USA.

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