The book Three Lines provides the newbie’s a guide to Forex trading

Author R. Rana has launched his new book Three Lines Forecasting Forex Price Action which is a practical guide to Forex trading, especially developed keeping in mind the new comers into the Forex market. The book describes a simple strategy for forecasting the future price movements based on the basic economic mechanism of demand and supply.

A number of people these days are showing interest in the Forex market due to high returns and profits yet they don’t come without a risk that is why it becomes important for the investors to know and understand the market as much as possible before putting their money into it.

Now with the internet boom, users can invest in the Forex market online as well. It is no more limited to the wealthy, corporations, central banks and others but now anyone can choose to trade in Forex market but with the right guidance.

With the help of book, Three lines, the reader will be able to understand the fundamentals of the market and be able to predict the next price move more precisely. The book will describe how to spot the demand and supply imbalance points so that the reader can make the right move in trading.

Some of the topics that’ll be covered in the book include introduction of foreign exchange, technical analysis, demand and supply zones, trading psychology, trading plans and money management tips among others. So far the book has received good response from users on Amazon.

“In Three Lines Forecasting Forex Price Action by R. Rana the author does an excellent job explaining concepts related to supply and demand by using the candlestick chart throughout the book. I appreciate that the author is very thorough and uses clear wording and pictures to aid readers in fully understanding the concepts. It also includes a sample trading plan and trading log that could be a helpful asset, especially for those just starting out. I would recommend this book to any beginning traders, or more experienced traders who want to hone in on specific strategies,” mentions amazon reviewer Moe in his review.

About Author

R. Rana holds a degree in MBA from Netherlands and worked as a project manager in MNCs for more than 10 years. He has been trading in Forex market since 2008 and quit the corporate world in 2011 and now through this book, he aims to support others exploring the world of Forex trading.

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