Oil & Gas Industry to drive the growth of global Valves market at 3.4% to reach $21.2 bn by 2020

“APAC occupied the major market share in the Valves Market and is estimated to generate revenue of $11.1 billion by 2020 growing with a CAGR of 3.8%.”
Asia-Pacific region the growth of valves, actuators and positioner market is the highest and will continue to grow due to industrialization and technological advancement.

Valves, Actuators and Positioners are one of the most critical components in the manufacturing industry to ensure that the process occurs without any interference. Valves are components which are used to control/regulate the flow of fluid, gases and slurries. Actuators are electromechanical components which facilitate the movement of valve disc hence controlling the flow of the media. Actuators facilitate valves in media handling; however in some cases there would still be a question of uncertainty whether the actuator is performing as per the requirements of the process, if the working of actuators is not monitored. Positioner is a component which monitors the working of Actuator by facilitating feedback mechanism regarding the position of the valve disc to the controller.

According to recent report published by IndustryARC, the global valves market sales were around $17.4 billion in 2014 growing with CAGR of 3.4% from 2015 – 2020. The market is estimated to grow from $17.8 billion in 2015 to $21 billion in 2020.  APAC occupied the major market share in the Valves Market and is estimated to generate revenue of $11.1 Billion by 2020 growing with a CAGR of 3.8%.

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Valves Actuators and Positioners (VAP) are used across various industries in a wide range of applications. The major industry where this equipment is used includes Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power Generation, Automobile, Aerospace, Marine, food & Beverage and so on.  Oil & Gas and Chemical industry are the major consumers for Valves, Actuators and Positioners followed by Water Treatment industry and Power generation industry.

The global actuator and positioner market is growing with impressive CAGRs and is estimated to generate $20.6 billion and $923.3 million respectively by 2020.

Drop in Oil & Gas Price to have a moderate affect on the VAP market.

Oil & Gas market is one of the major consumers for Valves, Actuators and Positioners. About 33% of overall share of revenue generated is occupied by the Oil & Gas industry. With the prices of crude oil dropping as low as $50 per barrel, many companies in the U.S and in Middle East terminated the projects to build new oil rigs and refineries. These sudden changes affected the markets for which Oil & Gas companies are the major customers. The VAP industry is one such industry which was also affected due to the slump faced by Oil & Gas industry.

This shut down of Oil Rigs and termination of projects to build new refineries, resulted in a decrease in demand or cancellation of orders for Valves, Actuators and Positioners. Furthermore, this had a domino effect on all the industries in the Value Chain.

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However, the situation is expected to be temporary with oil prices set to gain by end of 2015 or 2016. Most of the industries serving the Oil & Gas industry including VAP industry generated sales by means of service/ repairs and replacement of old worn out parts and components. The average life of valves and other components is about 20 years in critical applications. This equipment operates in extremely harsh conditions and has to be replaced once they are worn out. Revenue generated through replacement of VAP alone contributed to about $645 million in 2014. Hence, revenue generated through the replacement of the equipment is an alternative source of revenue for the equipment manufacturers which generates considerable amount of revenue.

The major players in the Valves market are Pentair, Emerson, Cameron, Flowserve and GE Oil & Gas. Pentair is the market leader in the Valves market and has about 9% of overall share of the Valves market. Emerson is known for manufacture of Control Valves while Cameron manufactures Valves which mostly serve the Oil & Gas industry (Upstream, Midstream and Downstream).

The major players in the Actuator market include Rotork, AUMA, Emerson, Cameron and Pentair. Rotork Controls is the major player in the Actuator market contributing to almost 18.5% of overall market share. AUMA is a key company specializing in the manufacture of Electric Actuators.

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