Blue Artists Announce New Credit Lines and Premium Elite Membership

Washington, DC – Blue Artists, LLC, a small business branding agency, recently announced an increased credit line for all of its members.

“Over the past few years, we’ve watched clients begin their brand journey with us as Professional Members, and as their needs increased, they upgraded to Business for strategy and campaigns, and then to Premium for ongoing public relations and greater discounts,” says Pierre Walters, Senior Producer with Blue Artists. “We also noticed that clients were pleased with our no-interest policy, and took advantage of paying off financed services whenever they could. But for some clients, those who have built their brands successfully as Professional, then Business, and now Premium members, their needs became even more sophisticated as they worked to advance their brand.”

Blue Artists, who is now no longer limiting membership financing options by month, has developed and launched a new services model that is now available for everyone who wishes to expand their brand and finance every major service on offer. As an exclusive credit line, Blue Artists’s Membership program has exponentially increased the available credit limit available for every account.

There’s also a new Premium Elite Membership tier. Features include a $12,000 membership credit line, a global discount of 10%, and $160 in service discounts. Also, Premium Elite Members will receive up to six hours of complimentary virtual assistance every month to help them manage and achieve more.

“Now, with an increased membership credit line, and a complimentary bonus credit program, we’re making it easier and more efficient for you to leverage your Blue Artists Plus Membership to build your brand,” says Walters about the new program. “Premium Elite Members can do more, build better, and advance faster than ever before.”

Blue Artists’ mission has always been to help powerful and visionary people build distinguished brands that inspire and engage their growing audience.

“Today we mark a major milestone in our membership program, refining our financing tools, increasing our membership credit line, improving our bonus credit program, and introducing a brand new membership tier for advanced clients. This has been a remarkable journey for our team, and for me personally, as we worked together to build a unique service that makes entrepreneurs better equipped to build the brands they’ve envisioned.”

About Blue Artists, LLC

Blue Artists is a creative agency that believes strongly in the inspirational power of great stories; we aim to collaborate with amazing people to tell first-rate stories that can shape the future of their brand by inspiring their audience and themselves. Their mission is to help powerful and visionary people build distinguished brands that inspire and engage their growing audience. And their vision is to cultivate a community of motivated individuals who bring lasting value to the world.

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