FissionAds Announces Launch of Automated Advertising Platform

18 Mar, 2016 – FissionAds LLC announced the launch of their flagship software platform that automates online advertising. The innovative platform connects your online advertising channels to your revenue streams to see real time ROI, Profit and CPA. Using deep data analysis, their patented Einstein Algorithm changes ad bids in real time and automates your entire advertising process. The platform is currently in Beta for a few select customers and will launch to the public on May 11th 2016.

“The platform was initially created for our in-house use and became a necessity for every-day advertising on our content network. We were able to make over $2 million in revenue using the platform and we wanted to provide this platform to other advertisers who want a advertsing automation system,” said Tyler Horvath, FissionAds CEO. “We have created an innovative algorithm that uses extensive data to calculate and change advertising bids in real time. Being able to see real time ROI has enabled us to increase productivity, profit and time.”

FissionAds is a premium, internet-based web solution that offers the entire online advertising process in one single place. The platform integrates all your advertising sources like Facebook Ads, Bing Ads and Google Adwords allowing you to manage all your advertising solutions on FissionAds’ innovative platform. The software has a data driven algorithm knows as the Einstein Algorithm that uses performance based ad data to automatically change your bids based on a target ROI that you can set. Connect your revenue streams like Adsense, Lijit, Yieldbot, Shopify and many other sources to see real time revenue, profit, spend and ROI per advertising campaign.

“When running online marketing campaigns, you have way too many pieces to manage. We have created a simple yet innovative platform that allows you to manage all these pieces on one place. Whether you have an e-commerce store or a content network, FissionAds allows you to save time by automatically managing your online advertising and see your bottom-line in real time,” said CEO Tyler Horvath.

The Beta users have had only amazing things to say about the FissionAds platform. Already surpassing over $100,000 in Facebook Ad spend, the platform has proved to be very successful for the first few users. “There isn’t any other software like this on the web. We have been using FissionAds for 3 months now and have increased our ROI by over 60%. The bid automation functionality has allowed us to increase profits while being a little more hands off with our marketing efforts,” said beta user Matt Bizal.

About FissionAds

FissionAds connects your advertising sources to online revenue streams to see real time ROI and automate advertising. The company was started in 2015 by webpreneurs Tyler Horvath and John Bertrand.

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