Unified Products and Services Announces Availability of ActiveAdz. Guest WiFi Monetization is Finally Possible!

IRVINE, CA – 18 Mar, 2016 – Unified Products and Services announced immediate availability of ActiveAdz, enabling network hosts to finally monetize their Guest Wi-Fi offering.

“ActiveAdz represents a shift in the economic model of Guest WiFi. To date, the cost of providing complimentary Guest WiFi for customers has been borne by the “network host” according to Kevin Dailey, President of Unified Products and Services. “Unified now taps into the near limitless pool of mobile video ads to generate revenue for its network host partners.  Retailers, hospitality providers, restaurants, fitness centers and entertainment venues have all faced this expensive customer experience issue. Finally, there is a solution: ActiveAdz.”

According to eMarketer, mobile video ad spending will reach 26.4% of the $220 billion total media ad spend by 2018. Network hosts that are part of Unified’s “Network of Networks” now have a way to capture a significant portion of these ad expenditures as revenue to offset, or eliminate the operational expenses associated with Guest WiFi. Ultimately, the network will become a new, recurring revenue stream for the Network Host.

ActiveAdz is a cloud-based application which requires no installation of servers or software. After viewing the “Accept and Connect” page (customized with the Host’s logo and branding), ActiveAdz streams a 15 or 30 second video ad to the mobile devices. In exchange for viewing the ad, the guest receives up to two hours of free Wi-Fi connectivity. The revenue generated from the ads is shared with the network host, providing a new revenue stream with a strong ROI. Over time, the guest wifi network will deliver a robust positive cash flow with minimal impact on users. An example of the user interface can be found at http://activeadz.net/demo with live ads being delivered to the system in real time.

A brief overview video can be seen at https://youtu.be/7yaakONpmXI as well.

ActiveAdz can be configured three ways: all the ads provided by Unified, a hybrid approach that also incorporates the network host’s ads, or can be dedicated to serving all ads from the network host.  It is a versatile platform that can be tuned to help reach revenue and marketing goals simultaneously, and the choices are all up to the host. 

Several nationwide customers  are already reaping the benefits of deploying Unified’s ActiveAdz. A nationwide fitness chain, recently committed to deploying ActiveAdz at 300 locations across 20 states. ActiveAdz will enable members to stream audio and video, resulting in  an enhanced customer experience  and reduced data charges on their individual phone plans. The system will also eliminate the typical username and password management issues inherent to most Guest WiFi networks.

ActiveAdz can run over an existing WiFi enterprise class network, or Unified can facilitate the implementation of a new network of wireless access points, utilizing the latest technologies, with national partners, such as Graybar, at little or no cost.

For more information on how you can monetize your Guest WiFi, contact Unified Products and Services today!

ABOUT Unified Products and Services

Unified is a National provider of Guest WiFi solutions. Unified’s technology provides customer internet access to organizations facing increased demand for free Guest WiFi.   Unified provides two exclusive, unique methods to help companies grow their bottom line while giving the customers what they want: GuestAdz and ActiveAdz.  Our cloud based Ad Serving platforms allows for internal or external advertisements, customized for the Network host’s audience. These solutions can also drive increased Social Networking connections, collect demographic data for analysis, deliver emails and SMS messages to the customer. Our revenue sharing model  creates an incremental, recurring revenue stream with nominal effort. The Global Mobile Advertising Market is valued at $15.33 billion in 2014 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 26.40% to reach $99.89 billion by 2022 Unified helps our partners capture a portion of this exploding advertising market.

For more information, visit http://www.unifiedps.com/active

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/7yaakONpmXI

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