Online Leather Marketplace Offers Big Product Discounts

LederMann Leather is one of the best leather brands in Malaysia. The unquestionable quality of their products is backed by an ISO-certified factory. All LederMann items are priced below most of the leather brands in the market today.
With their continuous rise in the digital market, LederMann is offering up to 50% discount on all items in their website. People can visit to get more details on the promotional event plus additional product deals.

People have loved leather materials for a long time throughout history. There is something about the look and feel of leather that gives it the premiere status in the fashion world. Manufacturers continue to produce it because of the high demand both locally and internationally.

For most buyers, leather items are bought from international brands in the mall or some small specialized shop in the chic part of the city. The modern trend set by the online marketplace has allowed the sellers to showcase all kinds of products online which also include leather products.

Long-time leather manufacturer, Nethill, was one of the first companies to venture out into the digital world by making their own website and marketed their products as LederMann Leather. Customers can choose from leather items like bags and briefcases.

The male population was the target market of LederMann Leather and they’ve successfully become a go-to source of leather items for Malaysian Men. “People are attracted to the handsome features, heavy-duty quality, and affordability of our products.” said Nethill’s owner, Des Ng.

Nethill puts quality control at the top of their manufacturing checklist. Aside from quality materials being used and the professional make of all LederMann products their main factory has is ISO certified which gives their products the LederMann stamp of quality.

Not only does LederMann offer premium quality leather items, their pricing is very affordable as well. Many of their items are priced below the market average for leather briefcases, backpacks, traveller bags, and messenger bags.

Just recently, the company just announced on their website that LederMann products will go on sale. All items will get up to 50% discount and get a further 10% discount which will be added on to the half-price discount.

This promotion comes on the heels of the increasing demand for LederMann items. People can read more about the sales event at

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