ANZZI: Reinventing Bath Tubs with a Glamourous Design

ANZZI™ Design Group is a world-class market leader in home interior design specializing in home hardware and fixtures like bathroom vanities, kitchen sinks and much more.

Miami, Florida – March 21, 2016 – As a group that concentrates on home design, ANZZI™ has gained widespread renown for exceptional products in bath design. With prominence on timeless sophistication, the ANZZI™ brand offers bath faucets and shower systems that flaunt efficacy.

Clients flock to ANZZI™ for the exceptional shoe tub that reinvents the conventional tub with a stellar design. The designers help people soak in complete Hollywood glamour with the ANZZI Gala freestanding soaking bathtub. Ideal for a cosy dip, the bath tubs ship from the factory within 24 hours of the order to ensure an expedited purchase.

ANZZI™ crafts and manufacturers the products in state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the modern tools and machineries. With highly skilled and inspired production line craftsmen, the team handles every product with great care and attention delighting the end users.

“We strive to craft unique and timeless works of art to be admired and enjoyed for generations to come. We have incorporated the talents of the world’s most creative minds developing a concept of design that continuously breaks away from the mundane. With the introduction of each new collection we bare to the world an artistic statement expressed in a form that millions around the world can enjoy in their very homes. Our products and bathroom design are something people depend on every day and we’re not going to let you down,” says an ANZZI™ spokesperson.

What the professionals do best is feature bath tubs with a glamourous stiletto fashion that is inimitable. Graced with unique features such as a lifetime warranty, built-in overflow, reversible drain, and RHINO ALLOY certified support frames. The freestanding tubs are quite popular because of being luxuriously crafted in glossy red and white acrylic.

The marine grade fiberglass re-enforcement only adds to the appeal as it is exceedingly sturdy. Clients revel in the unique experience of a waterfall cascading in the tub filler that is located within an elevated arching back rest for the optimal comfort. Offering the most comfortable stiletto possible, ANZZI™ also specialises in kitchen sinks.

Extending a pre-plumbed design for easy and straight forward installation; ANZZI™ always seeks to exceed client expectations. The design group is the one stop solution in bathroom design delighting clients with a diverse array of products that aim to please.

About the Anzzi

Specializing in home accents and bath tubs, ANZZI™ is venerated for offering world-class craftsmanship. Committed to impossibly high standards in design, the group vouches for products with a lifelong warranty.

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