The Valley Collective Creates New Styled Shoot At Sir Paz Estate To Promote Yarra Valley Weddings

The Valley Collective has helped create a styled wedding shoot at Sir Paz Estate to promote the breadth of wedding services available in the stunning Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia.

The Yarra Valley is one of Australia’s best winemaking regions, and is arguably the most beautiful of all. As such, its romantic idylls are ideal for weddings, but until now the lack of a firm wedding industry infrastructure had given some people reservations. The Valley Collective is a team effort between Reannah Stevens and Kate Fraraccio and the businesses of Yarra Valley to create memorable weddings in the perfect settings. The Collective has just created some stunning new wedding imagery at the Sir Paz estate, to show what’s possible.

Situated in Victoria’s Yarra Valley, the Sir Paz Estate covers 35 acres and is idyllically surrounded by cherry and berry orchards. A former chestnut grove, the estate sits on a belt of red volcanic soil. The elevated site suits our vines perfectly, and makes for a breathtakingly picturesque wedding venue.

The photographs do not just commend the site itself however, but include beautiful flower arrangements, place settings, catering, make-up artists and of course, suits and dresses. The finished product is a stunning wedding album that helps people see the potential of the Yarra Valley for weddings.

A spokesperson for explained, “These proof of concept photos have been designed to help people feel comfortable and confident about booking their wedding in the Yarra valley through the Valley Collective, who specialize in making weddings seamless and unforgettable. This is the latest in a series of photo journals, which detail engagement parties, breast cancer fundraisers and corporate events, to demonstrate how the collective brings businesses together to help people achieve their dreams. As well as our website, individuals can check out The Valley Collective on Facebook for more possibilities, or get in touch directly to discuss their wedding hopes.”

About The Valley Collective:

The Valley Collective is the Yarra Valley’s own exclusive wedding and event planning and management company. The valley collective it the only company to focus exclusively on the Yarra Valley. Run by Reannah Stevens and Kate Fraraccio, both born and bred in the Yarra Valley region, the site brings together the best of local businesses committed to helping couples enjoy the perfect wedding.

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