MullerMoo’s Toddler Milk from UK to Be Available Online for Buyers Spread over the World

MullerMoo, a toddler milk that comes from a factory in Kendal, UK, is soon to be available online.

MullerMoo, a renowned UK based baby food brand, has slotted its new line of toddler milk for a grand launch online: “Melli-Cow 12M+ toddler milk”. MullerMoo brand, which is based in London, UK, claims that the revolutionary baby food product is rich with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, prebiotic fibres and minerals. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are considered beneficial for balanced brain and eye development in children, while pre-biotic fibres help in strengthening the immune system of kids.

MullerMoo’s owners claimed that their manufacturing process is ground-breaking in many aspects. “The milk is first obtained from our farm cows. After that, it is cleaned, homogenised, and sterilised. Following that, we enrich the milk by adding several nutrients,” said a member from the MullerMoo health team.

“However, the best part of the manufacturing process is the spray drying process, and it’s revolutionary too. Spray drying actually transforms the liquid milk into milk powder, while the process is particularly effective in keeping germs off and keeping the end product fresh. We should also add here that spray drying helps in making the milk highly soluble and the babies can easily digest the nutrients,” added the marketing manager.

MullerMoo’s producing factory in Kendal has got 50 years of rich experience under its belt. The suppliers are closely monitored and the raw materials are thoroughly checked and tested before they reach the manufacturing cycle.

The CEO of MullerMoo recently met the press in Cumbria, UK. He said that they are now completing the formalities to launch the product online. The CEO even indicated that the product will be available all around the world. “We are trying to make the revolutionary product, which is meant for toddlers aged 12 months or older, reach the loving and caring parents all over the world as soon as possible. We know that we will get a good response from our prospective buyers. Good milk formulas for toddlers already have a high demand and we want to meet the demand with our own new line very soon,” the CEO looked excited while announcing this.

About the Company

MullerMoo is a baby food brand from London, UK with production being done in Kendal, UK.

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