21 Mar, 2016 – In the contemporary business world, integrity is one of the most sought-after qualities not only of individual employees but of companies. People often define integrity as doing the right thing even when no one else is around. It is the ability to act with honesty and be consistent in whatever it is you are doing based on the particular moral, value or belief compass you have. Beliefs, values and morals all relate to the culture in which you operate. As a company, your personal integrity is essential for getting and keeping the support of investors and the team members and is critical for getting and keeping customers and vendors.

“ArKay Beverages is produced by an American company, and built on a core value, a culture that entails the production of original refined non-alcoholic liquor-flavored drink, building of a friendly business environment with its customer and meeting their needs with promptness and timeliness. ArKay beverages wish to keep its integrity and for this reason, refuses to be sold on Alibaba in order to avoid Chinese counterfeiters. I believe honesty, diligence and reliability should be the basis of all business. In my opinion Alibaba offers only made in china, cheap look-a-like, and knockoff products. Another notable fact is that Alibaba is mostly showcasing Chinese companies and their products, and blocking the entry of serious American companies to showcase their products to international buyers, in the process Alibaba is hurting American businesses and fooling American consumers,’’ says Karen

About ArKay Beverages

Arkay beverages was created with the purpose of improving people’s lives through beverages, providing taste-rocking, world-changing non-alcoholic drinks crafted in over 36 crispy flavored potions and still counting. ArKay beverages is the world’s first non-alcoholic, liquor-flavored drink collection, and has rapidly gained popularity worldwide with this truly unique and innovative drink. For consumers worldwide looking for an alcohol-free drink alternative ArKay non-alcoholic, liquor-flavored drink collection is the perfect drink to substitute for all alcoholic drinks. It is for EVERYONE and is available in many of our selected distribution outlets across the US, or simply order online on our website (  ArKay is GLUTEN-FREE.  ArKay non-alcoholic flavored drinks can be enjoyed ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

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