Airwheel Launched itelligent service Robots S9 at CeBIT

“Airwheel S9 will enable more usage scenarios to serve people’s life, including personal companion, house service and Smart Home, etc.”
Airwheel, a leading global intelligent vehicles solution provider launched the latest products S9, the first wheeled service robot on CeBIT 2016. It’s debuted on the new product conference under the new marketing slogan, “Intelligent vehicles make life more convenient and colorful! “

Different from the traditional self-balance vehicle, S9 will be able to play a role as Family Housekeeper and bring convenience to citizens’ life. S9 adopts a series of solutions to enhance the controlling performance and improve the sense of comfort, which also shows the trend of future intelligent world and Airwheel’s R&D capability.  

-Internal laser radar& auditory collecting system to enable the interaction between human and computers.
-Comprehensive locating system and route planning system to avoid obstacle automatically.
– Collaboration of IoT and Cloud technology to ensure the robot follow users’ orders even under remote control.
-In the near future’s promotion of plugins and software, S9 will enable more usage scenarios to serve people’s life, including personal companion, house service and Smart Home, etc.

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The lead theme of CeBIT 2016 is “d!conomy: Join – create – succeed” on Big Data, Cloud, Mobile, Safety and IOT. As the largest ICT trade fair, CeBIT aims to showcase the innovative achievements on Digital IT, household and enterprise communications technology. It’s taken as the beacon of future technology and excellent international platform to demonstrate development trend and announce the latest innovative networking products.  

Airwheel holds “Intelligence unties manpower” as concept and has achieved basis design and industrialization with years’ experience on intelligent self-balance vehicles. With more capital investment, project cooperation and efficient production in the future, Airwheel welcomes relevant enterprises and talents and more qualified global partners for wider-range R&D collaboration to improve citizens’ lives better.

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“Technology should serve the common people but not only the noble”, with this business creed, Airwheel considers that products require fun, wisdom and efficiency.  Based on continuous technology innovation, Airwheel will reinforce the status in artificial intelligence industry and launch over 50 new models (3-4 series) in the coming 3 years to empower citizens’ more comfortable life.

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