Vend Discusses the 200-Year Evolution of Retail Point of Sale

Newly released article from Vend gives a history of the POS system

MARCH 22, 2016 – In a newly released article, Vend offers a timeline of the 200-year history of point of sale (POS) in retail, as well as a few predictions about the future of POS systems. “The History of Point of Sale (POS): Looking Back on 200 Years of Retail POS Systems” starts with the first point of sale systems and brings readers to the rise of the connected stored and new payment options.

Vend offers cutting-edge POS solutions, allowing retailers of all sizes the ability to accept payments virtually anytime and anywhere. Current solutions from Vend include in-store, online, and on-the-go POS, inventory management, ecommerce, and customer loyalty programs for iPad, Mac, and PC. To date, more than 15,000 retailers (and growing) use Vend’s POS software system for their daily retail needs and business challenges.

According to Vend’s newly published article, “Thanks to advancements in technology, POS systems can now extend beyond the point of sale. In the near future, retail point of sale will be even more cloud-centric and connected.”

Point of sale technologies have changed dramatically over the past two centuries. Now, many POS solutions offer retail management systems that handle sales, inventory, customer management, ecommerce, and more. According to Vend, “The POS market is huge… The POS industry is projected to grow by 11.6 percent annually from 2014 to 2020.”

According to the article, the first electric and computerized POS systems launched in 1906, and it was almost 100 years before POS went mobile in the 2000s. As POS technologies continue to evolve, retailers will seek out platforms that fit new criteria and growing business challenges, such as those that offer retail management solutions via platforms that can be accessed from various devices. In addition, secure cloud-based, cost-effective platforms will continue to grow in demand.

When it comes to the future of point of sale, Vend discusses a few predictions in The History of Point of Sale (POS): Looking Back on 200 Years of Retail POS Systems. For instance, we’ll see centralized retail systems and tighter regulations in the future, as well as connected stores and an exciting array of new payment options.

Vend is pleased to deliver POS solutions that stay ahead of current trends in the retail space, offering clients the retail management tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive retail environment.

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