Cheap attorney fees web-based platform Launched

Mr. Hogan, the founder and creator of cheap attorney fees recently announced the launch of a comprehensive web-based platform that will allow users to find an experienced, affordable and cheap lawyer in Atlanta, GA. Upon the launch of his website Hogan talked about the issues that motivated him to develop an online solution for a problem most people seeking a lawyer’s help face.

Hogan resides in Atlanta and is aware of the various problems people of Atlanta have to deal with, one of these issues is finding a competent, experienced and affordable lawyer, “Finding an experienced, affordable and cheap lawyer in Atlanta, GA is not always easy,” – says Mr. Hogan the founder of He further added: “Now with the arrival of cheap attorney it will be easier to find more lawyers willing to help the public legal representation.”  To resolve this problem Hogan took the initiative to develop Cheap attorney which would be a web-based platform where a lawyer may lease a high ranking website as their own. As specified by the Cheap Attorney Fees spokesperson, the objective is not to provide attorney legal services for free, but it is the hope that by providing more affordable and cheap attorney fees that more people will be able to afford experienced legal representation.

The team working at Cheap Attorney Fees realizes that people going through different legal troubles are under a lot of stress, which includes stress about paying high attorney fees which many people are unable to afford; it is not uncommon to see other attorneys charge $300 or $350 per hour; the rates go higher for more experienced attorneys. To help and reduce the amount of stress that people face in such situations, Cheap Attorney Fees attorney’s fees can be up to 50% less than other law firms depending on the area of law, attorney and difficulty of a case. The website plays the role of a bridge between people in need and experienced attorneys who are willing to help. The team has brought affordable and cheap Divorce, Criminal, DUI, Bankruptcy, Business, Real Estate, Immigration, Probate, Tax, Disability, and Nursing Home lawyers to the platform to ensure people of all attorney needs are catered to.


Cheap Attorney Fees is dedicated to helping the public with experienced and affordable lawyers and attorneys that care enough to provide his or her clients with cheap legal fees and attorney cost.

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