Best Reflective Vest Review Sees Amazon Reviewer Winning The Zombie Dash!

“Top 500 Amazon Reviewer Makes Light of Glowing Approval”

High Visibility Reflective Vest manufacturer Active Arlo today released comments on the lighter side of their business, quoting especially a glowing review from a Top 500 Amazon reviewer who found their reflective vest useful in more than the many quoted ways used by people who have purchased the vest. The reviewer, known simply as Amazon customer, claimed she was an oversized lady and had found difficulty before with other reflective safety vests because of her size. That was until she tried the Active Arlo reflective vest.

A spokesperson for Active Arlo said with a chuckle, “Picture yourself during the Zombie apocalypse and make way for one oversize Top 500 reviewer from Amazon. You’ll know it’s her. She’ll be wearing her Active Arlo Reflective Vest as she hauls it past you in her dash for survival!”

She continued, “What a fantastic sense of fun this lady has and what a great way of highlighting what is a more serious issue with some reflective vests. We, at Active Arlo identified at design stage that our reflective vests needed to be super adjustable as we were aiming our vest at more than just the average build running market.”

“In today’s world there is no such thing as average. We wanted to make sure that we built in the right amount of flexibility to our product so that it would accommodate the widest audience of shapes and sizes without sacrificing anything in comfort to the user.”

The Active Arlo Reflective Vest comes with 4 adjustable straps, two to the shoulder length and two for the waist so that you may adjust into a snug fit whatever the body shape or size you are.

Here is a little more of the review in question:

“I’m a fatty. You probably won’t ever see me running unless it’s the zombie Apocalypse and you best believe at that point, I will be hauling it. Anyways, my dog likes to be walked in the wee morning hours along in the late hours of the evening because this is her potty hours. Being that we live in a dark area and I like to wear dark clothing (yellow and orange make me looking like a walking cone), I need something that was going to make people aware that I was out there.

I’ve tried other running vests and well they aren’t boobie (or gut) friendly. With this one, it’s amazing!!!! I love how it has 4 adjustable straps so that you can do it to fit properly. The first two straps that are on the chest are great for the pure fact that it doesn’t cut my titty in half. I can make it tight enough that its not loose fitting in the back but loose enough in the front that I don’t have this alien looking going on. The other 2 straps are around the waist area. Believe it or not, I do have a waist under my “girly” figure. This allows me to adjust it as I lose my midget hanging on for dear life on my front size over time.

The reflector part of the vest is a matte silver however the moment light hits its like God himself has come to talk to you after a really bad night of partying. You could probably light up a runway with as bright as it reflects! Overall I love this vest. Its fat people friendly and it does an amazing job of reflecting. It’s comfortable and easy to wash if it ever gets dirty. Please feel free to check out my video. This fatty approves of this product!”

The Active Arlo Reflective Vest consists of two, over the shoulder straps of 2 inch wide neon elasticated material with a 3/4 inch wide central reflective strip. The vest also has the same design waistband designed to fit 26-40 inch waist measurements and is secured with a strong buckle.

The Active Arlo Reflective Vest is currently for sale exclusively on Amazon USA. For a limited time the vest is available at a substantial discount to its RRP, (recommended retail price)


Active Arlo are manufacturers and distributors of personal safety attire to include the Active Arlo Reflective Vest for running, jogging, walking the dog, bicycle riding, motorcycle riding or working in proximity to vehicles where visibility is a safety factor.

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