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CoolStik Lip Balm Holder.
CoolStik lip balm vent clip holder helps prevent your lip balm from melting in hot summer months. CoolStik attaches to your car vent and allows your cold A/C to blow over the lip balm keeping it cool.

Fleming Island, Florida – March 23, 2016 – Fastener Concepts LLC is putting rejuvenating lip care in the drivers seat with the launch of new CoolStik auto lip balm vent clips. This lightweight CoolStik vent clip discretely attaches to your car’s vents and helps prevent your lip balm from melting in the warm summer months, while your air conditioner is running. It also keeps it accessible all year round. The CoolStik vent clip works in virtually every car, van, truck or tractor; anywhere with an A/C vent CoolStik can attach.

“After throwing away multiple lip balms that have melted in my car from hot Florida summers, I knew there must be a better way to keep the lip balm cool and easily accessible,” said inventor and owner James Murphy. The CoolStik lip balm holder was designed specifically to keep the lip balm from melting while also easily accessible to the driver and passengers in the vehicle.

The CoolStik is manufactured from a strong and semi-flexible polymer material and will not scratch or harm the vehicle vent in any way. The CoolStik also reliably secures most tube shapped lip balm tubes from all the major brands. The CoolStik lip balm vent clip is currently manufactured in black, but will also be available in various, fun colors in the future.

Fastener Concepts LLC has secured a partnership to distribute the CoolStik lip balm vent clip to hundreds of convenience stores throughout the nation, with many more partnerships to come. Look for the CoolStik on convenience store counters in the near future with a manufactured suggested retail price of $0.99. The CoolStik is also available for sale on the company website and a growing list of online retailers.

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