NEXTFILA Provides Uninterrupted Filaments for 3-D Printers Cheaply and Easily

The world’s first connectable 3D printer filament

Three-D (3-D) printing has revolutionized many industries including medicine, manufacturing and design, but this incipient technology still presents challenges to its users. Among the most irritating is the need to stop the printing process when the connected supply of filament runs out. Users must throw out the remaining filament on an old bobbin or wait to replace the spool of filament before restarting the production. A new company, however, has developed the NEXTFILA system which enables 3-D printer users to connect filament supplies, allowing uninterrupted operation.

In addition to eliminating the irritation of stopping and starting a print run, NEXTFILA also saves users time and money. In many cases, users who notice that the filament supply is running low would have to throw away the remainder and attach a fresh bobbin, or wait until the remaining filament is used and replace it. By using the NEXTFILA product, which includes specially designed bobbins (for easy attachment) and filament welder, users can immediately attach a new supply of filament to the end of the old one.

The patent pending NEXTFILA system will soon be available to the general public. Hansung Kim, the developer of NEXTFILA, has sponsored a campaign on Indiegogo that will allow you to obtain this amazing product prior to mass distribution. You can obtain a NEXTFILA kit as early as July 2016 and at a steep discount. These kits include up to 5 kg of PLA or ABS filament as well as bobbins and a welder.

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