Niche Digital Agencies on the Rise in Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – 23 Mar, 2016 – A small group of creative marketers meets at a table crafted from reclaimed wood in a conference room in a relatively hip agency office. One of them is talking about conversion rate optimization; another one about search engine optimization, and another one is getting a photo of a dog for the agency’s Snapchat.

The rise of the niche digital agency comes in stark contrast to the pen-to-paper marketing agency of just 10 years ago. This new type of web design and digital marketing agency is more and more often not even trying for print or branding work. Instead, they’re focusing on conversion rate improvements, analytics, data and digital ads. Paradigms are shifting. According to Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, “28% of marketers have reduced their advertising budget to fund more digital marketing.” And “71% of companies planned to increase their digital marketing budgets” in 2013 according to WebEquity. Through all of this, content marketing is leading the charge—“content marketing in 2015 generated three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but it cost 62% less,” according to Hubspot. For startups or growing businesses looking to run a tight ROI ship, that stat alone should make you sit up.

The Twin Cities is a hub for small business activity. From the local farmers and bakers at your preferred farmer’s market to the upswing in craft breweries, small businesses play a crucial role in Minnesota’s economy and uniqueness. According to, Minnesota boasts nearly 500K small businesses. When it comes to getting their products or services out to the world, conventional advertising carries a price tag that is often out of reach—especially for one-man shows. Digital agencies specializing in niche markets can target localized audiences and grow your web presence. Through thoughtful content, keyword research and some website design, digital agencies are outfitted with the skills to shoot your small—or big—biz to the top of Google search results pages.

Putting words to website could be just the bump you need to convert more visitors to customers. Crafting interesting content could win you $20K in savings per year. According to Hubspot’s State of the Inbound Report, this type of inbound marketing is digital gold and there are more than a handful of Minneapolis marketing agencies who have perfected digging into this mine. Many big agencies try to tack digital services onto their services, but so many smaller agencies are eons ahead of the game in internet years—why wouldn’t you pair up with the small guys who have been perfecting their digital marketing game since Google was born?

So why are companies either migrating away from bigger agencies or demanding more innovation and better reporting from the big agencies? Simple: They want to make their marketing spend count. For many companies, attributing success to wisely worded pay-per-click ad on Google is simply a lot easier to track than whether or not someone is making purchasing decisions after being exposed to a billboard, bus banner, brochure or TV ad. PPC also comes chock-full of flexibility. Its nimble nature allows paid ad experts to change what isn’t working—and bolster what is working—in a matter of hours. This type of dexterity just isn’t found with more static or time-consuming marketing tactics.

Larger agencies would be wise to take a hint from smaller digital firms like Snap Agency ( in Minneapolis that homes in on all things digital. Smaller digital agencies have been flexing their marketing muscles more and more. When asked why companies seeking a bigger web presence turn to digital agencies, paid ad expert Brett Middleton told me, “There’s almost no reason why a company that fully understands what’s on the table here—which is a very clear return on investment—isn’t going to shift more of their ad spend over to PPC, ads and promoted posts on social media, along with measurable improvements on their website.”

Plus, the technology to see whether investments pay off is now here through conversion tracking on tools like Google Analytics, so there’s really no going back to the days when a marketer could just ask a client to relax and trust them. Instead the tables have turned so small marketing agencies are        

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