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Lucky Jerky Understands That Taste And Quality Are Essential. One Taste Of Our All Natural Angus And You Are Sure To Become A Loyal Customer Of Our Finest Jerky Brands
There are many beef jerky brands in existence today, but Lucky Beef Jerky takes great pride in being a family-owned business that has lived and breathed creating a hearty, healthy, and delicious natural beef jerky for our customers. As an extension of Nebraska Star Beef, we use only USDA Choice Natural Angus and Wagyu Beef. Our primary goal is providing a healthy beef jerky that is both flavorful and high-quality.

Lucky Jerky, a high quality, affordable snack for the everyday family.

Lucky Jerky’s meat is 100% all natural you can enjoy our products with your family, without fear of it ever containing antibiotics or growth hormones. We believe that everything from how our cattle are fed to how our products are stored play a role in making the best gourmet beef jerky available at very affordable prices for today’s consumers. Lucky Jerky use only their World’s Best USDA Choice Natural Angus and Wagyu Beef. We do not use MSG as a means of preservation. We care about your health and those of your families using simple ingredients of the highest quality.

Family-owned company, we view our loyal patrons as an extension of our own family. You can trust us to always provide you with the finest beef jerky products possible. Thanks to you, we have experienced tremendous success over the past years, this has expanded our beef jerky brands. Our business is committed to our customers’ needs by satisfying everyone’s distinctive taste with our quality jerky brands and various flavors.

If you did not pick up the fact that Lucky Jerky raises its own cattle, I’m telling you now. For Generations the family has raised cattle the All-Natural way. Lucky Jerky has the Pure Promise™ meaning all cattle are raised with: 

• No Antibiotics, No Hormones, No Steroids

• Highest Standards of Animal Care 

• USDA Choice & Prime used in Lucky Jerky products 

• Fair Price 

What else makes Lucky Jerky Different? Our commitment in creating a healthier jerky. We try to keep sodium and fat content to a minimum in our products. You won’t catch Lucky using mystery meats and fillers in our beef sticks. All Natural Beef is not only the better way to eat, it is also the main component in why our jerky is considered one of the best tasting jerky on the market today. We also provide one of the most innovative snack sticks on the market today. 

Furitango™ is a blend of fruits, spices, and All-Natural beef. We have a flavor for everyone. We set out to change the meat snack; plain and simple. We make some of the best traditional jerky and beef sticks on the market. We love our jerky and have no plans to stop making these excellent products, but we wanted to offer people a choice. Lots of folks are asking for snacks with less sodium, and less processed sugar. We delivered. Our new meat snacks have just enough salt to help the meat bind properly and naturally derived sweet flavor – from real fruit – 20% Real Fruit in every flavor. This fruit is not from “concentrate” we sourced premium dehydrated fruit without additives and blend it with our premium Angus beef and one simple accent flavor. 

Lucky Slab Jerky is made in small batch production to ensure quality and thickness of the jerky. Traditional in its origins, but not too dry and tough to be considered leather. The quality of the beef combined with keep just enough moisture content allows for a softer and tastier bite. 

Lucky Snack Stick- All Natural* USDA Choice Chuck Roll and 80/20 lean trim blended with our Original flavor seasoning. We coarse grind, blend, season and cook this beef in a 19mm casing. This creates a lean, meaty – NOT GREASY – snack stick that snaps when you bite it and is meaty enough to chew.

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