Ricardo Teamor: Irwin Industries launches 2016 Four Aces Safety Program with a fresh, new look

March 24, 2016 – Long Beach, CA, United States – Long Beach, California based Irwin Industries today announced the launch of the company’s 2016 “Four Aces” safety program.

The Irwin Industries Four Aces program has represented the cornerstone of the company’s Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) program since 2000. It is an ongoing educational, awareness, behavioral-based and action-focused program designed to create a positive and proactive safety culture which is reliant on interactive employee involvement to achieve the company’s EH&S commitment and reinforce the company’s value: “Safety is never compromised.” By focusing on one of the “Four Aces” each month, Irwin Industries safety professionals and project leadership engage with jobsite employees with daily and weekly interactions centered around the unique meaning behind each of the Four Aces:

  • Attitude – Ace of Hearts
    Believing that it is truly possible to be injury free while maintaining a positive and proactive attitude towards safety.
  • Awareness – Ace of Clubs
    Remaining perceptive of the activities and environment around each individual jobsite employee at all times and not slipping into complacency.
  • Action – Ace of Spades
    Having a consistent bias for action, applied toward following procedures, assessing and eliminating hazards, and intervening to prevent incidents.
  • Accountability – Ace of Diamonds
    Adequately assessing and accepting the consequences of decisions and making those decisions in the best interest of the employees and the entire company.

The Irwin Industries EH&S Manual contains Four Aces activity planners, tracking tables, codes of safe work practices, specific EH&S compliance policies, quizzes, “tool-of-the-month” training materials and other handouts. These resources are available to all supervision at all Irwin Industries jobsites. The program is further reinforced via jobsite banners, hard hat stickers, special giveaways for safe work recognition, Irwin Industries’ Safety Daily email newsletter / Twitter feed and other social media channels.

According to Ricardo Teamor CEO at Irwin Industries, “Nothing is more important than the safety of our employees and others who share the jobsites we serve. The Four Aces program is a critical tool to help us accomplish that commitment.”

In addition to general program updates, Irwin Industries this year has also visually refreshed the program with a new logo for the program, along with specific emblems for each of the Four Aces. EH&S Manager Sly Williams said, “developing a striking new look this year has literally grabbed our employees attention and caused them to step back and refocus on our Four Aces. It is the first step in our ongoing process of refreshing, updating and improving the program to keep it fresh in the eyes of our employees.”

About Irwin Industries, Inc.

Led by CEO Ricardo Teamor, Irwin Industries, Inc. is a full-service construction, maintenance, outage, turnaround and fabrication company serving the energy and industrial infrastructure markets in the United States since 1922. Founded in Signal Hill, CA and headquartered in Long Beach, CA, Irwin Industries also maintains offices in Martinez, CA, Oxnard, CA, Kapolei, HI, Denver, CO and Summerville, SC.

The core services the company provides are:

• Industrial construction

• Industrial facility maintenance

• Turnkey planned outages

• Routine turnarounds and support

• Specialty fabrication

• ASME code welding

• Electrical & instrumentation (commercial and industrial)

• UL certified industrial control panel fabrication

• Industrial scaffolding

• Safety services

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