Fit For Occasion Launches Online Fitness Coaching Program

COCKEYSVILLE, Maryland – Starting April 1st, fitness enthusiasts and those looking to get into better shape can now enjoy affordable online fitness coaching through Fit for Occasion.

“My job is not just to get you looking your best for a season or a special event,” says Elisabeth Castleman, founder of Fit For Occasion, LLC. “My primary goal is much bigger than that. I want to help you build a healthy, fit lifestyle that you can sustain for a long time. My goal is for you to learn to love your body in all its forms, be surprised by how strong you’ve grown during our time together, and to take that strength and apply it to every aspect of your life.”

Unlike most fitness coaching programs, which rely on a face to face model, Fit For Occasion will provide online only coaching, making the physical location a non-issue for any interested parties.

Fit for Occasion employs tactics to get clients in the best shape of their lives in a way that suits their lifestyle, allows social freedom, and is nutritionally well-rounded and non-restricted. Every client will receive a personalized training and nutrition protocol in order to reach their goals. Every aspect of the client’s life, current body composition, exercise and diet history, and of course, goals for the future will be taken into account when choosing the appropriate training regimen.

Coaching can be purchased in one month, three-month, four-month, or six-month packages. Features include:

• Weekly check-ins via phone call or Skype session

• One free in-person training session (if you are within a 50-mile radius of Baltimore, MD)

• Highly detailed training program including all exercises to be performed, warm-up and rest times, description of exercises, cardio if necessary

• Calculated nutrition package catered around your body statistics and goals (with no dietary restrictions!) based on your macronutrient need (protein, fats, and carbs)

• Updates to your training and nutrition programming as deemed necessary. These changes will be decided based on your progress (tracked by photos and weigh-ins) and consistency with the program

• Support and assistance for those unfamiliar with flexible dieting and tracking macros (if you choose to track)

• Constant support and your own personal cheering section

• Additional in-person training at $45 per session, within a 50-mile radius of Baltimore, MD

There are also several a la carte options for those not quite ready to commit to a full program.

For more information and to inquire about membership, go to

About Elisabeth Castleman

Growing up, Elisabeth was an active child, and riding horses was her passion. She spent every waking moment at the barn and at horse shows. When she turned 20, however, she started to get burned out. Years of trading any kind of a social life for the barn started to take its toll, and she stopped riding. In order to remain active, she started going to the gym and was immediately hooked. Somehow, she’d stumbled upon her passion. She is a certified personal trainer, and it is her goal to get people to exactly where they want to be in a sustainable way. This means a kind of training that they enjoy, and a nutrition program with no food off-limits. Her mission is to help people achieve their health and fitness, and keep them for the rest of their lives.

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