Medical School Application Tracker by Learn From Apps – An Easy Way to Organize & Track Med-School Application

Rohit Gosain, M.D. and Rahul Gosain, M.D., co-founders of Learn From Apps, have announced the release of their new Medical School Application Tracker app for future doctors.

Baltimore, MD – March 24, 2016 – The new Medical School tracking app is specially designed for students who are pursuing career in medicine and are applying for medical schools. Medical School Application Tracker provides individuals with a multi-faceted platform to track offers and map schools to which they want to apply.

“Our new app is a resource with a comprehensive tracking method for medical students to help keep their applications organized,” stated Dr. Rahul Gosain during our conversation.

Medical School Application Tracker allows students to access the program list to which they’ve applied, track which one has sent them an interview request, and set their interview schedule dates. It also provides assistance by creating and organizing a database of related information. The new app provides users with the school name, address and Dean’s name, along with the available degree that is offered to assist students in selecting the best medical institution for their specific needs.

“One of the best feature of the app is, the ability for the future physicians to access information such as number of applicants a school is accepting, average GPA and MCAT scores of a particular school. They also have the ability to know in-state and out-of-state tuition for each institution,” said Dr. Rohit Gosain.

Statistics indicate that on an average, medical student will typically apply to 17 schools. Applying to medical schools can be a cumbersome process and monitoring the sheer volume of related data can be overwhelming. Asimple spreadsheet program is notsufficient for the wide variety of information today’s students need to compile and monitor. Medical School Application Tracker eliminates that problem by providing individuals with a comprehensive platform for tracking and scheduling interviews, and maintaining essential school related data.

The recent launch of Medical School Application Tracker app by Learn From Apps provides an easy and convenient means for medical school students to organize interviews with medical schools from anywhere in the world. The app is equally applicable for international students who want to broaden their horizons in overseas schools located in United States of America, Canada, and Puerto Rico.


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Learn From Apps was co-founded by Rohit Gosain, M.D. and Rahul Gosain, M.D. Dr. Rohit Gosain is the CEO of the company and is currently finishing his Internal Medicine residency after completing a computer engineering degree from Waterloo University and working as a software project manager for companies such as Barclays Capital and Infusion Development. Dr. Rahul Gosain is the President of Learn From Apps and has completed his training in Internal Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University – Sinai Hospital. He is currently doing his Hematology and Medical Oncology fellowship at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center. The other core team members include medical students, fellows, and academic physicians from all around the country. With the development of their innovative apps, Learn From Apps is seeking to narrow the gap between medicine and technology. Learn From Apps continues to maintain a very active presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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