The Key to California Treatment Programs for Drug Addicts and Dependents

California is known for its beautiful ocean views, beaches, warn sunny weather, Hollywood and much more. However, California is suffering from drug and alcohol addiction which is damaging to individuals, families and communities.
Drug addiction and dependence is a multi-faceted problem.

Not only are there physiologic and anatomical changes that occur in the addict’s body, these changes can get reflected in his overall cognition and behavior as well. That is why there are always social, emotional, economic, and even legal implications to the issue of drug abuse, addiction, and dependence. It is for this reason that California treatment programs for drug dependents and drug addicts have become diversified throughout the years. Rehabilitation is no longer the exclusive domain of medical and cognitive behavioral specialists. Today, more and more concerned groups in society are doing their part to support the different treatment programs in drug rehab facilities.

From faith-based drug rehabilitation programs to spiritual meetings to 12-step programs and even peer counseling and group therapy, these treatment programs augment the fundamental detoxification-behavioral-cognitive therapy focus of drug treatment and rehabilitation. While it is understandable if some people will have doubts about the effectiveness of these treatment programs, for the moment, it is the best that many in the drug rehabilitation program can ever hope for.

It should be understood that before any drug treatment program can ever take place, the individual must undergo intensive detoxification first. This is very important because any fraction of an addicting substance that remains in the body can greatly undermine the overall progress of the treatment programs. Just imagine your engine that you need to change oil every so often. If you are simply going to pour the new engine oil into your car, then you are only creating problems for your car’s engine. This is why it needs to be drained of the old engine oil first before a new one can be placed.

The same is true with the human body. The addicting substances have altered the neurochemical balance of the brain. This is why there are signs and symptoms of aggression, hostility, anxiety, panic attacks, restlessness, and even depression because of the way drugs have altered the brain chemistry. How can you expect the brain to function normally if it is still under the influence of these addicting substances? That is why, even before treatment programs can begin, these harmful substances must be completely removed from the body and allow your mind to return to its pre-addiction state.

Once this has been achieved, then different drug treatment programs can be initiated. Whether it is faith-based, spiritual, group based, non-12-step program, or even the famed 12-step program, these rely on the complete removal of the addicting substance in order for these to work. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your time. Of more particular importance is the willingness of the individual to help himself. Personal motivation plays a great role in the success of these treatment programs. Unfortunately, this can only be achieved if the individual has a clear mind so that he will be able to realize the many negative effects drugs bring to daily life. This should provide the motivation for the individual to complete his drug treatment program.

All over the world, the success of drug treatment programs rely heavily on the success of the detoxification program and the motivation of the individual to become a better person. Without these two, it might be more difficult to ascertain any success in treatment programs.

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