Get a More Relaxed yet Equally Effective Residential Detox Michigan Program

Statistics in Michigan show that 60% of Michigan adults, 18 and older have used alcohol in the past month while 27% binge drink. According to data from the National Survey on drug use and health, 10% of Michigan residents aged 12 years top Michigan rehab centers for drug and alcohol addiction and older reported using illegal drugs in the past month. Addiction in Michigan is trending in a dangerous direction.
There are several types of detoxification programs that are often dependent on the level of care that is required.

Some drug addiction cases are so severe that they will require a more comprehensive medical approach to the implementation of the detoxification process. If your drug addiction problem is really not that severe, then you might find a residential detox Michigan program to be particularly beneficial.

The good thing about residential detox programs is that it I s more relaxed both for the individual and for his family simply because his drug addiction problem can be effectively managed even without round-the-clock nursing care or the supervision of a medical professional or a licensed psychiatrist. This shows that the condition is quite benign that even residential staff and personnel can already provide for the kind of care that individual patients, or residents, will require. And with a much more relaxed atmosphere, the resident is able to progress through the course of the detoxification process at a much easier pace. Additionally, this ensures that his succeeding drug treatment program will be more successful or at least have a significantly greater chance of success.

Now, since the residential detox process is not medically supervised and may or may not necessarily require the use of detoxification medication protocols, the whole duration of the detoxification process can take anywhere from 2 weeks up to a month. This makes it an ideal solution for drug dependents that may require a 60- or even a 90- day drug treatment and rehabilitation program. Because a residential detox program will be paving the way for the successful completion of the rehabilitation component of the whole drug treatment program, it still requires the same kind of care and attention by healthcare providers at the residential detox facility. While there may not be a 24 hour nursing service, these facilities will nonetheless provide for excellent patient care.

Part of the more relaxed atmosphere of a residential detox facility compared to an inpatient detox facility is the relatively less complicated conditions of the individuals seen in residential detox facilities. These individuals do not have life-threatening or very serious withdrawal symptoms that may require the need for a more intensive medical, psychiatric, and nursing management. Furthermore, the individuals will not have any co-morbidities especially psychiatric mental health conditions which can complicate the whole treatment process. This greatly reduces the dependence on medical and allied medical professionals.

Additionally, residential detox facilities will often be designed in such a way that they are more like a modern home than they are hospitals or acute care facilities. The homier appeal is something that many residents will find beneficial in their recover. This usually means that the residential detox facility is already part of a much bigger residential drug treatment and rehabilitation center. This allows for the continuity of the drug treatment process without necessarily having to look for a separate drug treatment facility. In other words, it’s already a one-stop drug treatment center that comes complete with detoxification.

For many drug dependents, a residential detox facility is perhaps one of the best options for them to lead more sober lives.

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