How Holistic Detox in Rhode Island Works

Elite Rehab Placement’s mission is to help Rhode Island residents suffering from addiction seek recovery and heal to live a sober fulfilled life. Many individuals are anguish by addiction within themselves or a loved one.
In any kind of addiction or simply the chronic consumption of harmful substances, one of the major problems is the abnormal accumulation of toxins as well as other metabolites that can wreak havoc in the body.

As such, the only way to return the body in its normal physiologic functioning is by detoxification. Now, when it comes to detox, there are quite a lot of types. Some are called medical detox while others are social model detox. Still others are called inpatient or outpatient or even residential. What is common among these detoxes is that they target a specific body organ system, more often than not, the brain. However, there is another kind of detoxification that looks at the rest of the body as a whole. Hence, it is called holistic. But how does a holistic detox Rhode Island really work in the first place?

From the term itself, holistic, the detoxification process is an amalgamation of a variety of techniques and treatment procedures designed to really flush toxins, harmful metabolites, and other damaging substances off the body. Oftentimes, it includes the use of a concoction of herbal remedies designed to flush toxins from the gastrointestinal system. Some herbal and natural remedies are often administered to the individual to help him get rid of the toxins and to help boost his immune system. One of the most often used natural remedy is ginger because of its gingerol active ingredient which can help flush drug metabolites from the body. Additionally, the inulin substance found in dandelions are found to be effective in helping the liver become more efficient in its detoxification function.

Hydration is also improved in order to flush out any remaining toxins from the pulmonary system. Additionally, increasing fluid intake naturally improves the elimination of toxins from the body aiding in the holistic detox process. Of equal importance are juices that are designed to flush toxins from the body. Nutritional support is a highlight of holistic detox in that the body requires the correct amounts of the correct types of nutrients in order for it to be able to flush out the toxins.

Exercise or physical activities are a fundamental component of holistic detox programs. This strengthens the cardiovascular system as well as the kidneys and the liver to make the detoxification process a lot more efficient. Of particular importance is the way in which exercise can help improve blood flow to the brain and other vital organs of the body. This is crucial because improving blood flow facilitates the easier removal of toxins and drug metabolites at the cellular level.

So who can benefit from holistic detox programs? Individuals who may not necessarily be addicted to or dependent on illicit drugs or prescription drugs will benefit the most from a holistic detox program. These are individuals who do not require any form of medical supervision or any medication protocols for detox treatments. The point to understand about holistic detox is you can actually perform them on your own and in the comfort of your own home.

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