Element Space Introduces Pop-Up Container Restaurant System That Allows to Save on Special Equipment Cost

Element Space Inc brings pop-up container restaurant that integrates a hydraulic lifting and leveling system, allowing clients to save on special equipment cost such as forklift or crane.

For big scale events, promotional marketing campaigns, trade show booths and such purposes, it’s now easier to create pop-up restaurants, bars, VIP lounge etc. with the container restaurant models introduced by Element Space. The pop-up restaurant models are ideal for larger activations, creating enough space for people to relax in a creatively decked up environment. More importantly, the POP-UP container restaurant integrates a hydraulic lifting and leveling system, which helps clients save on special equipment cost such as forklift or crane.

According to the spokesperson of the company, the hydraulic system makes the restaurant units self-sufficient when it comes to loading/unloading them from the truck. The restaurant units are available in 10’, 20’ and 40’ dimensions and can easily be converted into a VIP lounge and bar, a pop-up boutique, a trade show booth, a stage or even a restaurant or a mobile kitchen. Moreover, the unit can be equipped with Wi-Fi, 3D projection, holograms, custom lighting, touch screens, pop-up displays, audio and video equipment and giant LED screens, making it perfect for any kind of promotional campaign.

POP-UP container coffee shop

The Element Space restaurant units bring endless possibilities, particularly for clients to start and run the food and beverage business. A 10 sq ft model will be sufficient for running a POP-UP container coffee shop with a significant floor space for several people to enjoy their coffee and snacks at the same time. These easy to install units are functional, practical and mobile, allowing clients to start their coffee shop or a restaurant at a small investment. Besides, the units offer a significant promotional space to launch campaigns to ensure footfalls on a regular basis.

With a POP-UP container kitchen, one can share unique recipes and serve customers with a unique menu to win their hearts. The fully functional units can be transformed as per the requirement and are self-sufficient with water and electricity. It can be equipped with countertops, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens and all types of equipment or furniture, required for a functional kitchen.

To learn more about these pop-up restaurant models, one can visit the website www.elementspaceinc.com

About Element Space Inc:

Element Space has a full in-house design and engineering team, ready to turn shipping container conversion idea into a reality. They are the leading innovator in designing and building modular structures, using shipping containers. The company is located in Guangzhou, China, but they can deliver worldwide. They can create any permanent or temporary structure, including shipping container homes, offices, retail stores, restaurants, tiny houses, pop-up shops, man camps, dormitories, apartments, storage facilities, trade show & event displays, emergency housing, bathroom facilities, and more!

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