Fashion Startup Guedias Launches Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign To Elevate Global Talent

New online fashion store Guedias has launched a crowdfunding support in Indiegogo with the mission to improve its website with solid uptime, to find more talented budding vendors worldwide and for edgy digital marketing support.

Houston, TX – 25th March, 2016 – Latest online fashion retail store Guedias has reportedly launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with the mission to elevate budding fashion designers worldwide. The store has promised 100% original & quality creations for buyers.

“We wish to create an acknowledged Launchpad for upcoming talents who are dedicated to serve the buyers with plush, high-end originality, complete authenticity, honesty & unforgettable shopping experience. Our latest crowdfunding campaign seeks your valued support in expanding our platform so that we can concentrate better in digging out more fresh talents globally who can surprise you with exclusive fashion creations every time,” stated one of the spokespersons from Guedias. 

Based in Houston, Guedias aims to build a robust bridge between best upcoming fashion designers- manufacturers and consumers from all over the world through its new online store. The company offers different fashion accessories such as iPhone cases, wallets and credit card holders.

“Many talented rising designers are often left untapped given their less fortunate geographical locations. We are looking forward to overcome that barrier so that everybody gets equal opportunity to showcase his or her awesome creations all over the world – regardless of nationality, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. It’s a huge step and hence we would greatly need a massive support from the conscientious & passionate fashion fans around.”   

Before inclusion in the store, Guedias checks each of the vendors thoroughly on the grounds of premium raw materials, impeccable manufacturing capacity, authenticity & precise attention to details.

Added to improving its website to find more vendors, the online fashion startup needs the fund support for high end digital marketing campaigns and realization of Guedias app.

“Your support would help us to come up with a robust site backed by solid uptime, premium transaction security for our buyers and robust online marketing campaigns. We also seek help to cover the shipment costs so that we can offer competitive rates to both our consumers and vendors. Finally, since smartphones are ruling the digital world today, we have this dream of launching our own mobile app so that you can check latest exclusive Guedias trends in a flash,” added in another spokesperson.

The store has come up with a wide range of perks for its crowdfunding supporters on Indiegogo. A donation of $10 will have the supporter’s name acknowledged on Guedias’ “campaigners” page while a genuine leather/suede card holder would be gifted on donations reaching $35. Further donations up to $55 and $65 will have iPhone 6S/6 cases and iPhone 6 Plus cases respectively.

The company is looking forward to improve its website by June 2016, negotiate with more vendors by December 2016 and launch full-on digital marketing campaign by January 2017.

“Come join us in creating a better world for fashion where skilled designers from any corner of the globe will be able to amaze us with exclusive & premium surprises.”

About Guedias

Guedias is a rising online fashion store which aims to bring in plush, innovative and high quality creations from budding fashion designers all over the world.

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