St. Regis cancels Christmas to not offend foreign guests

NEW YORK, NY – 25 Mar, 2016 – The invitation stated clearly: Celebrate Christmas Eve with St. Regis Bal Harbour, Miami. $150 per person. So 12 of us with kids went to celebrate on December 24th, 2015 to J&G grill in St. Regis. We sat down and waited and waited for Christmas Eve to arrive. But nothing happened. No Christmas tree, no decorations, no music, nothing. We started to question when this widely advertised Christmas Eve will finally begin? Waiters looked as much confused as we were. We asked for explanations and polite manager appeared and broke the news: there is No more Christmas celebration in St. Regis. It’s a new hotel policy not to celebrate Christmas in order “not to offend other” guests. And not celebrating Christmas is a new current policy not only here but in all luxury hotels in Miami. There were few foreigners in the restaurant and new owners who bought hotel in 2014 are from Qatar. May be that’s the real reason?

I spoke later with 3 managers including Philip Spee – director of food and beverage for St. Regis and address same question: Why would you not celebrate Christmas anymore? And at very least why advertise Christmas Eve that you are not planning to celebrate, since its an “offensive” Holiday now? Isn’t that called a “misleading” in a very least and “fraud” as more suitable word? There was no direct answer, just mumbling about “non-offending to others guests” dinner.

But the answer was obvious: it’s totally ok to take money from people who celebrate Christmas and it’s totally ok to deny them celebration and be very open about it… in America… I won’t give any more of my money to St. Regis, let me find places that still celebrate my holidays. Hope there are some left…

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