The Role of Drug Treatment Centers for Teens in New Mexico

Statistics show that New Mexico is rated the second highest drug overdose mortality state. Prescription drugs are the leading addiction drug in the state. Both alcohol and drug addiction is leading down a dangerous path in New Mexico.

Drug treatment centers for teens in New Mexico are working round-the-clock to help government agencies, non-governmental organizations, concerned community groups, and other members of the general society in helping teenagers understand the many ill effects of drugs on their still-developing bodies. There is a growing trend in the United States today that more and more junior high school students are being introduced to the addicting world of illicit and highly controlled substances.

Child psychology and behavior experts say that one of the most common stresses of adolescent life is peer pressure. The inherent need of teenagers to feel that they belong to a group of their peers, that they are members of a particular social group, is so strong that the line between what is morally, ethically, and legally right and what is not sometimes get blurred. This is especially true in the issue of drugs where for the past 10 years the number of American teenagers using illicit and highly controlled substances has been steadily increasing.

What is more interesting and quite worrisome is that a great number of these so-called educated teenagers do not necessarily recognize heroin and opioid painkillers as naturally harmful when taken in small amounts. What they fail to understand is that drug addiction always start in smaller quantities until such time that the body cannot get the desired effects anymore from the small dose of the drug. Hence, the dose needs to be increased and oftentimes done at increasing frequency. This gives birth to drug addiction. And this is what teenagers clearly do not understand.

And this is what government officials and drug treatment centers for teens are hoping to change with a more concerted effort at the dissemination of more reliable and more accurate information about drugs, particularly prescription opioid painkillers. It has been shown that a great majority of teenagers start their drug addiction problems taking prescription painkillers from a friend, a family member who has a valid and legal need for the prescription painkillers, or even simply steal it from someone else’s medicine cabinet. These medications are not illegal if obtained with the proper doctor’s prescription. Unfortunately, many teenagers think of them as naturally helpful because of the notion that doctors prescribe them. What is more unfortunate is that many teenagers tamper with these opioid painkillers in such a way that its effects are amplified a hundred times or more. This results in substantially more addicting effects if not overdose.

Drug treatment centers for teens have highly specialized programs to meet the starkly different mindset of teenagers. With a clear understanding of the dynamics of adolescent psychosocial development drug treatment centers for teens can come up with highly individualized plans of care that takes into consideration the many unique attributes of Alabamian teenagers. This is crucial if the whole drug treatment and rehabilitation of the state’s and the nation’s adolescents is ever to succeed.

Everyone in society has a role to play in helping create a drug-free world. Drug treatment centers for teens are doing their part. So should families and individual groups.

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