Drug Rehab Programs for Troubled Teens in New Jersey

Statistics show that New Jersey drug and alcohol addiction rate is growing in a negative direction. Over the past five years, addiction treatment centers have admitted over 70,000 residents in the past year.
All over the United States, more and more young people are succumbing to the ills of drug addiction and drug abuse.

And while statistics show that the use of heroin and methamphetamine among American teenagers is still relatively low, they are more prone to the destructive effects of prescription drug misuse and tampering. This is perhaps one of the reasons why drug rehab programs for troubled teens in New Jersey are particularly geared towards the management of the prescription drug misuse and addiction.

While drug rehab programs for troubled teens normally follow the same pattern or philosophy as in the rehabilitation of other members of society, re-education is a fundamental component. Majority of teenagers think that prescription drugs are not dangerous. Prescription opioid painkillers such as oxycodone, oxymorphone, fentanyl, methadone, hydromorphone, and hydrocodone are not believed by teenagers to be addictive. Why? These drugs are prescribed by doctors, healthcare experts who are supposed to be knowledgeable about the many useful effects of drugs and what these can do to the body. If painkillers are dangerous, why do doctors prescribe them? This is the prevailing thought pattern of most teenagers. And this is something that drug rehab programs for troubled teens must be able to address in their therapy sessions.

The drug rehabilitation program for teenagers commences with a comprehensive detoxification of the addicting substance. One of the major issues many drug rehab centers face is when the addicting substance is methadone. The management of its withdrawal effects is often trickier, more challenging, compared to those seen on heroin and methamphetamine withdrawal. Nevertheless, detoxification is an important and necessary first step towards successful drug treatment and rehabilitation, especially among troubled teenagers. This prepares the body, especially the mind, in a variety of cognitive and behavioral therapies designed to prepare the teenager to better manage drug misuse temptations in the outside world.

Drug rehab programs for troubled teens are primarily geared towards re-educating adolescents on the proper and correct usage of prescription drugs. These drugs are not inherently dangerous if taken in the correct manner and at the prescribed dosing scheme. Experts say that many individuals, especially teenagers, misuse prescription drugs such as opioid analgesics, antianxiety agents, and antidepressants, as well as other potentially addicting substances by tampering with the original drug presentation. For example, pills and tablets are often crushed and either mixed in sterile water for injection or inhaled as vapors. While these may look harmless, they provide an excellent stepping stone for teenagers to gradually move up the ladder of the illicit drug use world, particularly heroin as this belong to the same class as fentanyl, methadone, and other opioid painkillers. And this is what therapists and behavior modification specialists at drug rehab programs for troubled teens would like to make an impact on.

Cognitive restructuring and behavior modification are especially important in drug rehab programs for troubled teens. This is needed to help ensure that teenagers are redirected towards their preparation for a brighter future. After all, young people are supposed to be the future of the nation.

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