Teenagers, Binge-Drinking, and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Arizona

Statistics show that over 130,000 Arizona residents are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. This statistic is a concerning fact, and many individuals don’t know where to seek help for addiction recovery.
Alcohol is not inherently bad for your health.

Some types of alcoholic beverages are, in fact, recommended by members of the medical community to help in the prevention of certain heart diseases. Certain wines contain natural plant substances that can help prevent inflammatory processes in the body. However, the keyword in this beneficial use of alcohol ismoderation. Unfortunately, moderation, it seems, is not really well understood by the younger population especially senior high school and college students. Binge drinking has been labeled a very serious social issue among the nation’s youth. And this is not at all different from Arizonian youngsters. As such, alcohol rehab centers Arizona is known for are working together with other members of society to help in the overall management of binge drinking.

While alcohol rehab centers cannot really do anything except to wait for alcoholic individuals to seek treatment and rehabilitation for their alcohol problems, they can, nevertheless, help spread factual and accurate information related to the many ill effects of binge drinking. For many teenagers, the goal is to get drunk as fast as they possibly can. So they either consume unusually large quantities of alcoholic beverages or they consume them in record-breaking speed. In most cases, unfortunately, they do both – drinking many alcoholic beverages at any given time in the fastest amount of time they possibly can.

Experts at alcohol rehab centers say that binge drinking is essentially flooding the body with alcohol enough to overwhelm the liver. The effect is that there is sufficiently more alcohol present in the blood circulating at any given time because it takes an awfully lot of time for the liver to metabolize and detoxify the alcohol. This circulating alcohol eventually reaches the vital organs of the body where it can wreak havoc. None is more pronounced than in the brain. This helps explain why binge drinkers are more prone to fits of violence and aggression. They become destructive and act in such a way that they don’t really care about themselves or their surroundings anymore.

Psychologists from both alcohol rehab centers and general society point to the possibility of peer pressure as well as poor or inappropriate coping mechanisms among the youth as the primary reasons for engaging in binge drinking. Many teenagers are desperate for peer recognition – the need to be accepted as a member of a particular group. Unfortunately, some groups’ ideals are not the best models when it comes to societal values. As such, teenagers inherently take on the characteristics of the entire group. Additionally, because of poor self-concept or self-image, it becomes a lot easier for certain teenagers to succumb to peer pressure.

Alcohol rehab centers understand this all too well. As such, they devise programs specifically geared towards cognitive restructuring and behavior modification with the aim of helping the teenager find a more suitable coping mechanism so that he will be able to fully manage peer pressure. This is the main role of alcohol rehab centers. They need to show teenage binge drinkers that there is so much more to teenage life than to give in to peer pressure.

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