3 Things to Help You Choose the Best Alcohol Rehab Centers in California

California is known for its beautiful ocean views, beaches, warn sunny weather, Hollywood and much more. However, California is suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, which is damaging to individuals, families and communities.
All over the world, alcoholism is a major problem.

Not only does chronic alcoholism figure in many fatal vehicular accidents, they become one of the major source of domestic violence as well as teenage aggression as well. Now, if you happen to be an alcoholic and has somehow realize that it is high time for you to turn a new leaf and stay sober for the rest of your life, you may be able to benefit from choosing the best alcohol rehab centers California has to offer. These alcohol rehab centers can be viewed as your ticket to a more peaceful, more serene, and more sober life ahead of you.

But how do you choose the alcohol rehab centers in the state?

Technically, you only have to look for one very distinct sign – the seal of quality and excellence afforded by international accrediting bodies as well as national accreditation organizations. For example, if an alcohol rehab center has the Behavioral Health Home Certification from the Joint Commission International, this already answers your questions about quality of service, quality of features and amenities, and overall excellence in patient management. This also means that everyone in the alcohol rehab centers are duly licensed and duly certified to deliver the highest standards of alcohol rehabilitation and treatment care.

All over the world, healthcare institutions, drug and alcohol rehab centers included, strive to get accredited by the Joint Commission International or JCI. This gives their patients and clients the peace of mind that their services, facilities, treatment programs, personnel and staff, and overall organizational management are world-class. Unfortunately, only the best can ever get full accreditation from the JCI. Additionally, this accreditation is only valid for around 3 years. This means that they must continue to improve on their services and facilities in order to retain the JCI Gold Seal of Approval. Otherwise, they lose face and they lose credibility among their patients and in their communities.

Now, if there is no Gold Seal of Approval from JCI, you need to choose alcohol rehab centers that are official members of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. This group of more than 300 drug and alcohol treatment and rehab providers all over the United States adhere to the same strict guidelines as those in the Joint Commission International guidelines. So you can bet that the services that they provide are also nationally-recognized.

Additionally, you can also look whether the personnel of alcohol rehab centers are official members of the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors. This is the national organization of addiction professionals so they are also subject to the same high standards that are expected of their members. So, when choosing the best alcohol rehab centers you may want to carefully consider whether their alcohol treatment and rehab professionals are members of the NAADAC.

In case these three parameters are absent, then you may want to search the internet for patient feedback regarding the quality of services that alcohol rehab centers provide. It may not give you the best information you really need, though.

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