North Dakota Drug Treatment Center for Women

Drug and alcohol addiction in North Dakota is leading down a dangerous path. Individuals, families and communities are strongly effected by substance abuse. Addiction serves one purpose and that is to numb the pain inside of you or your loved one.
Women have special needs that are distinctly unique from males.

Because of anatomical and physiological differences, women often are perceived to be generally inferior in strength compared to most men, except perhaps for those mixed martial arts ladies who can readily inflict pain and agony on any unassuming lumbering Joe anytime, anywhere. Drug use among women, while not as rampant as those in the male population, has often more serious consequences because of the anatomical and physiologic differences between the sexes. This is why an North Dakota drug treatment center for women is a must if you are female and have serious problems with drug addiction or dependence.

Studies show that the female body processes illicit drugs and controlled substances quite differently from the way males metabolize the same substances. Generally, women tend to experience the effects of these drugs a lot faster even at significantly lower doses of the addicting drug. Experts say that this alone make them particularly vulnerable to the many side effects of illicit drugs and highly controlled substances. It is for this reason that women who have serious drug problems should receive highly specialized care that takes into consideration the anatomic and physiologic differences. A drug treatment center for women is thus a necessary and important tool for helping women drug addicts and dependents to get rid of the addicting substances and lead a much healthier, drug-free, life.

The whole process of drug treatment and rehabilitation remains the same, however. The whole success of the program rests on the individual’s ability to get rid of all traces of the addicting substance from her system. This is usually done through medical detoxification. Unfortunately, the way the female body responds to the removal of the addicting substance varies immensely compared to male responses. It is therefore important for the drug treatment center for women to be on the lookout for any sign of life-threatening withdrawal symptoms so that they can be managed appropriately and promptly. Additionally, because of the sensitive nature of most treatments, observance of the patient’s modesty is an absolute necessity.

One of the essential elements, and often touted as the most successful aspect, of drug rehabilitation and treatment for women is the cognitive reorganization and behavior modification therapies. Because women are more naturally attuned with their emotions, behavioral and cognitive specialists find it a lot easier to help women open up to the idea of change. It is for this reason that there are significantly greater proportion of women who have successfully completed their drug treatment and rehabilitation program paving the way for a more successful reintegration into their respective communities. This is not to say however that males fail miserably.

The role of a drug treatment center for women is to serve as a refuge, a haven, for women who wish to turn a new leaf and live a drug-free life. It follows the same principles of drug treatment and rehab for males, except that it requires a more feminine and more caring touch.

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