What Happens During a 30 Day Rehab Louisiana Program?

Drug and alcohol addiction is affecting individuals, families and communities in the state of Louisiana. Often times, addicts don’t know where to turn for help and feel isolated, shame and fear.
The treatment and rehabilitation of substance abusers and dependents is often long and tedious.

It is often dependent on a variety of factors including the type of the substance that was taken as well as the length of time the addicting substance was taken. Other important factors to consider include the dosage of the addicting substance taken with each episode and the willingness of the individual to really change and turn his life around for the better. Oftentimes, if the will of the individual is strong enough and his motivation is high, a 30 day rehab Louisiana program is often sufficient to see a lot of remarkable changes in the individual’s physical, mental, emotional, and social outlook. The keyword that everyone needs to understand is “willingness”.

A 30 day rehab program has a greater chance of success if the willingness and motivation of the individual to get better and to be healed of the ill effects of drugs and illicit substances from his life is high. This is a very important requirement. There have been programs that extend even beyond the maximum 120 days simply because the individual is not consciously aware that he does not want to be treated. Success in drug treatment and rehabilitation lies in the level of motivation of the individual to get better. The higher the motivation level, the greater is the chance of success of the 30 day rehab program, and the greater is the chance of a more successful reintegration upon return from the drug treatment and rehab center.

Just what occurs during the 30 day rehab program anyway?

Well, like in any other drug treatment program, it always starts with a medical detoxification in order to get rid of the addicting substance from the body. This is very important because, if there are still traces of the addicting substance, there is a chance that the whole drug rehab program may be undermined. Since an integral part of the drug rehab program is cognitive reorganization therapy to coincide with behavior modification, experts believe that it there are still traces of the addicting substance in the brain, cognitive therapies may fail. Cognitive restructuring is a very fundamental component of drug rehabilitation programs because this helps the individual to understand the ramifications of his actions as well as the many ill effects of using drugs and other addicting substances. This becomes the foundation for behavior modification, another component of a drug rehab and treatment program.

A 30 day rehab program therefore occurs in several phases where detoxification is first achieved in order to prepare the human body, particularly the mind so that it becomes more receptive to cognitive stimulation and behavior modification. The 30 day rehab program cleanses the person of the addicting substance and prepares him to be able to face his world outside the drug rehab center with greater confidence and more intense motivation to stay away from drugs.

Facilities that provide 30 day rehab programs are so adept at the implementation of the different aspects of the rehab program that they do it with absolute efficiency.

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