Airwheel released Intelligent two-wheeled Self-Balancing wheeled Robot on CeBIT 2016

On recent CeBIT, one of new products released by Airwheel is two-wheeled self-balancing robot, which symbolizes that Airwheel enters service-oriented artificial intelligence area. Such an intelligent robot is based on self-balancing system and realizes man-machine interaction via built-in laser radar and audio acquisition system. The advent of Airwheel robot fully proves the strong technical strength.

Several days ago, the annual CeBIT had a grand opening. So many newest research and development achievements in consumer electronics, information and technology fields have been presented in front of people. I, as one of visitors, was totally stunned by them. When I passed Hall 17-H06, I stopped, because I was attracted by some innovative products, which were Airwheel S9 wheeled robot, Airwheel S8 sitting-posture electric scooter, Airwheel Z5 standing-up electric scooter, Airwheel C3 and C5 intelligent helmet. As the leading intelligent vehicle manufacturer, I have heard of the name of Airwheel. However, what it displayed on CeBIT was beyond my imagination. Here, I would like to share Airwheel S9 robot with people. 

sitting-posture electric scooter

Airwheel S9 is a two-wheeled and service-oriented robot that is based on self-balancing system as foundation support. It realizes robot-human interaction via the built-in laser radar and audio acquisition system. Such comprehensive positioning system as GPRS, WIFI and network base station can realize automatic obstacle avoidance and route planning. In the later period, Airwheel S9 two-wheeled robot will have mode application occasions by plug-in and upgrading software. Generally speaking, the advent of Airwheel S9 wheeled robot reveals the technological power and symbolizes Airwheel enters in artificial intelligence field officially.

two-wheeled robot

Here comes another question: what Airwheel S9 two-wheeled self-balancing robot can do for people and what is its consumer base? First of all, Airwheel S9 two-wheeled self-balancing scooter must be designed for people from all age groups and all walks of life, which is also an everlasting goal of Airwheel. When it comes to the applications, it will be widely used to facilitate people’s life. According to its appearance, it is equipped with two tyres and two pedals, which means it absolutely can be used as a transport. Meanwhile, it has USB interface and thus it can offer power to personal belongings, like cell phone, tablet PC and digital camera.

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