Comfywave Bandana Baby Bibs made to super absorbent yet gentle on babies’ sensitive skin

Comfywave announces gift set of four Bandana Baby Bibs

28 Mar, 2016 – Comfywave has announced that it is selling its popular Comfywave Bandana Baby Bibs as a gift set of four exclusively on

The bandana baby bibs, which feature colorful patterns on the 100 percent cotton front, are backed with super absorbent polyester fleece, which keeps babies dry and clean.

“Many moms already know that there are a lot of problems with common bibs,” a spokesperson for the company said. “Many are made from low-quality materials and fall apart and some of them scratch or irritate a baby’s sensitive skin.”

Comfywave Bandana Baby Bibs have an adjustable neck that can fit babies from 3 to 24 months and use durable, nickel-free snaps. Having a bib that’s adjustable is important for fit, the spokesperson said, but many bibs use Velcro, which can snag a baby’s skin.

“Getting the right fit for a bib is a big deal,” the spokesperson for the company said. “If the bib is too tight, it will chafe a baby’s neck. If it’s too loose, then food and liquid can get behind the bib and irritate the baby’s skin. One of the reasons people love our bandana baby bibs so much is that they can be adjusted to fit just right without irritating sensitive skin.”

This product is suitable as a baby teething bibs, bandana drool bibs and feeding bibs.

The Comfywave Bandana Baby Bibs gift set includes four bandana baby bibs printed with unisex patterns, a gift bag, a customizable gift tag and a free ebook. The bibs are machine washable and are backed with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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