Akado Oy Has Sold RepDigger

Sources confirm that Akado Oy has sold one of their largest online reputation look-up service company, RepDigger. The sources also confirm that RepDigger was sold to an undisclosed person in Russia in 2015. There is not much information available over the internet about this company getting sold, but recently some sources have confirmed that Akado Oy has sold RepDigger.

Previously, RepDigger was owned by Akado Oy – a top of the class internet marketing company that provides different kinds of internet marketing services, including Search Engine Optimization, reputation management and software development. They are well-known and widely-trusted for their expert internet marketing services; they led RepDigger very professionally and made RepDigger was it is today.

“RepDigger is one of the largest online reputation look-up service company. Its online reviews are widely-trusted by people and has helped thousands of people by now in finding out the actual reputation of a business in the easiest way possible; and this did not happen in a few days. It took us years to bring RepDigger where it stands today; and now, we have complete faith in the fact that the new owner of RepDigger will further establish this company, and soon enough we will be seeing RepDigger as the leading online reputation look-up service company in the entire world,” stated the spokesperson of Akado Oy.

Some sources also reveal that the new owner has a team of experienced business reputation management officers who would further establish the database of RepDigger, and they have already designed a foolproof strategic plan that will give them the competitive edge they require in order to rise above their competitors. So, the readers may see many major much needed improvements in the service of RepDigger very soon.

So, there are high hopes from the new owner of RepDigger that he/she will take RepDigger on a whole new level of success; and RepDigger will become more established and would offer in-depth online business reputation reviews of more companies than it offers right now. So, in order to achieve this all and more, the new owner would have to develop a smart strategic plan and would have to smartly implement it as well.


RepDigger is an automatic online-reputation scoring service. It generates online profiles and reviews for companies, brands, and websites; and its proprietary formula also calculates a reputation score from 0 to 100% (worst to best).

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