Airwheel released S9 Intelligent service robot, the first step towards artificial intelligence field at CeBIT 2016

Industrial robot is not a strange word currently. In fact, service robot industry is growing. Several years ago, the market tendency attracts plenty of Startup Company to research and develop service robot. As a result, the lack of qualifications, capital and ability of R&D made most of those companies just blindly follow the market. However Airwheel gives the industry a big surprise, its new released service robot S9.

This week, based on the intelligent hardware development-centric and rapid transition-oriented spirit, Airwheel Technology, a global enterprise, surprisingly launched the first kind of service robot S9 with solid strength and succeeded to finish the R&D and industrialization of wheeled robot. It becomes the first step towards artificial intelligence field represented by service robot.

wheeled mobile robot

S9 wheeled mobile robot has multiple roles. The first role it plays is the robot. By the technical connection of built-in laser radar and auditory acquisition system, it can promote the interactions between users and robot. This role can present its loveliness. Users can not only gain great convenience but also enjoy the pleasure this robot brings.

Meanwhile it can be the excellent housekeeper. S9 two wheeled self-balancing robot can avoid obstacles automatically and plan path through its integrated positioning systems together with the GPRS, WiFi and network base stations so as to work for its users according to the orders issued by the users.

 Airwheel intelligent robot

It also will be possible for realizing remote control S9 intelligent robot by adopting the Internet of Things and Cloud computing. For the expandable functions in the future, Airwheel plans to install some regular components, such as mechanical arm, sweep component and special tools. In the near future, people can know everything happened at home by mobile phone when S9 is equipped with camera components. Therefore people can control and adjust most of the devices like lights, air conditioners and water heater even if they are not at home.

Here we can say Airwheel will absolutely not follow the market tendency but master the core techniques. S9 robot is a good symbol for marching the artificial intelligence field.

All in all, Airwheel S9 two wheeled robot can give more than you think.

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