First Baptist Church of Canton Georgia Celebrates Drive and Program to be Most Safe Church for Children and Families in Region

It’s a frightening reality that many sexual predators will seek to victimize children wherever they can find them, including churches. First Baptist Church of Canton Georgia recently announced they have launched an effort to make their church the safest church for children in the region.

March 28, 2016 – In a recent sermon at First Baptist Church of Canton Senior Pastor George Anderson addressed the issue of security in their church and how he, and the rest of the church leadership, were making this a top priority.  Pastor Anderson also announced that this was continuation of work that began in September 2015, when Executive staff, led by Executive Pastor Donald Pope trained with MinistrySafe, an organization that offers a complete safety system designed to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse in any church or similar group.  The congregation has responded to this news with enthusiasm.

“One big finding is that predators attempt to groom leaders in order to gain trust and thereby get past gatekeepers to gain access to the children and youth on a regular basis,” commented Pastor Pope. “We want to make sure all of our staff and every single volunteer who works with children and youth get trained on how to spot a predator.”

Pastor Pope continued, “Background checks are required but statistics say that background checks only catch ten percent of predators. We knew our goal had to be to get the entire staff savvy on how to spot predators.”

According to First Baptist Church of Canton, all staff member are now required to get full training and certification with MinistrySafe.  In addition, every single volunteer who works with children or youth in any capacity will be required to take online training, pass special testing and gain the certification with MinistrySafe to be permitted to work with children at the church or at church activities.

Other measures are also being taken to ensure First Baptist Church of Canton, is the safest church in Canton, and possibly all of Georgia, not just for children, but for families as well.  One highlight in this area is the use of very highly trained security team watching over services, to make sure the congregation is well protected.

Pastor Pope, concluded, “We are giving an extraordinary amount of attention to every detail of security for our members and attenders, but especially for our children.”

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