Retired IT Expert Creates a Truly Effective New Weight Loss Program

The weight loss industry is rife with gimmicky fads and faulty philosophies.  But because millions of Americans are so desperate for the next, more “powerful” diet which will melt off the pounds with almost no effort, this industry keeps churning out ineffective weight loss programs.  Retired IT manager Brian Anderson has examined almost all of the available evidence about popular diet strategies and separated the dross from the truly reliable information.  He has collected these essential diet facts on his website

Unlike many diets which require superhuman willpower or ridiculous amounts of exercise, the new and sensible weight loss program from allows almost anyone to shed pounds by employing a reasonable—and delicious—diet combined with a modest exercise regime. relies only on the simple mathematics of burning more calories than ingested. 

The appeal and originality of is that mouthwatering meals can be produced with a minimal amount of calories. More importantly, provides a wonderful variety of meals through its meal planning service which stokes the appetite without compromising caloric intake.  These customized dining plans allow dieters to enjoy their favorite foods while still losing weight.

The website offers hundreds of breakfast, lunch and dinner meals which can satisfy even the largest appetites without negating the weight loss advances. To prove the reliability of this new healthy living system, Brian has lost 70 pounds in 40 weeks and his wife Lelia has lost 40 pounds in 24 weeks. is already a functioning website that has helped numerous visitors meet their diet goals, but the truly revolutionary information that could be helping millions is not reaching people.  In order to help disseminate this information, has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to raise $4,000.  With these funds, can purchase promotions and ads which will help consumers find this website and take advantage of its valuable information and services, like a meal planner.  For more information about the amazing meals at, or to make a financial pledge, please visit

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