Soil Retention Products, Inc. Now Offers Drivable Turf™, a System That Combines Its Drivable Grass® Pavers With A Pre-Cut Artificial Turf Infill

CARLSBAD, CA – March 2016 – In response to customer demand, Soil Retention Products, Inc., the manufacturer of award-winning Plantable concrete systems® now offers Drivable Turf™, an artificial turf infill option that is available pre-cut for easy and fast installation. The artificial turf offers a long-lasting grassy look that never requires watering when installed with Drivable Grass®, a flexible and permeable paver that can replace traditional driveways and maximize yard space while preventing stormwater runoff.

“We are thrilled to offer customers another infill option that not only simplifies installation but provides an effective drought tolerant solution that still looks fresh and green year round,” says Nick Jansson, company VP. “Other popular infill options include decomposed granite, sand, or natural grass that can be used to create the look homeowners desire.”

Drivable Grass® pavers come in 24”x24”x1.5” segments. Made of wet cast, low moisture absorption concrete, they are cast with holes to allow for infiltration and root penetration. An engineered polymer grid allows Drivable Grass® to flex and conform to irregular ground surface contours along pre-defined linear grooves, while providing the intended structural support needed for daily use. The product maintains its load supporting characteristics even when saturated. The design also eliminates sharp edges common in other products and won’t crack and break like rigid concrete or pop up like plastic products.  Other applications include pathways, patios, swales/drainage and more.

Other applications include pathways, patios, swales/drainage and more. Drivable Grass® is ideal for eliminating storm water runoff, bio filtration and reducing heat island effect. No matter what the climate or weather conditions, our pavers are strong, durable, and flexible, giving more options to homeowners than ever before.

Another eco-friendly product from Soil Retention, that can quickly and easily transform a space, is our award-winning Verdura® retaining wall system.  It is the most plantable, versatile and Strongest Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining wall system on the market today. It offers the opportunity to create “living” walls, providing the strength and function of a standard retaining wall plus the added ability to sustain live plantings. The lightweight blocks are made of low moisture absorbing concrete that will not deteriorate over time. A strong lip on the block interlocks the units, allowing for compaction right behind the blocks and holding the soil inside the block.  

Installation is quick and easy, compared to other systems. You can build the wall as you backfill. The blocks are typically spaced apart to allow for planting, requiring fewer blocks per square foot compared to other wall systems.

The DIY line of the product comes in two sizes, the Verdura® 10 is ideal for small garden beds, edging, or tree rings. The larger size, Verdura® 30, can achieve higher retaining wall applications. Whether you’re looking to create a vertical herb garden or economically terrace a hillside, this specialized, fully plantable, segmental retaining wall system provides the solution to a wide variety of design challenges.

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