Personal Development Coach Announces Free Bonus With Newsletter Subscription

Personal development coach and the creator of the Freedom of Life program and newsletter service Chia Phee Chor has recently announced that he will be giving away free copies of 10 Practical Life Lessons for all those who subscribe now to his free Personal Development Email Newsletter service. Chia explained that the free bonus e-book offer will be available for a limited time only and would be offered on a first come, first serve basis, therefore, he encourages people to subscribe to his free personal development newsletter at their earliest.

“How would you like to receive my ’10 Practical Life Lessons from A 60 Year Old’ e-book (worth $47) for free and witness a massive difference in your life? All you have to do is subscribe to my free personal development email newsletter. My newsletters combined with my e-book share real-world advice and information that subscribers can implement in their lives to gain personal mastery, leaving no regrets behind!” – Chia said of what the people can expect from his newsletter and e-book offer.

Chia developed the program and the content he shares with his readers to be easy to implement and effective. As a personal development coach, he has seen people struggle with certain elements of their lives such as decisiveness, achieving clarity and a sense of peace. Chia believes that the knowledge from his latest book and newsletter service will allow people to attract more peace into their life by applying the “no expectations = no disappointments” formula to unlock their amazing potential from within.

The program and the information it offers to subscribers have received many shining reviews, which praise Chia for delivering powerful lessons in a simple and effective manner. Many subscribers have written directly to Chia to share with him all the ways his advice has assisted them in improving their personality and quality of life.

“Your eBook has dramatically changed my life! The lessons are simple, easy to use and applicable to my life situations. It has given me a better clarity of thought and quality of life! I look forward to receiving more from you! Cheers!” – Nicole C. wrote in her testimonial.

“I enjoyed the stories, keep up the good work.” – Anita B. wrote.
“Thank you, I really love your emails!” – Boyley wrote.

Subscribing to the personal development newsletter service from Chia Phee Chor is as simple as filling a short form on the Freedom Of Life website ( Chia assure that all subscriber information is kept safe and private.


Chia Phee Chor is the developer of Freedom Of Life personal development weekly newsletter service and the author of ’10 Practical Life Lessons from A 60 Year Old’ e-book.

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