Get Me Crowdfunded Has Developed and Implemented Successful Marketing Strategies for Some of the Most Effective Crowdfunding Campaigns

In 2010, crowdfunding accounted for $880 million. In four years that number had grown to almost $16 billion, and that more than doubled to $34 billion in 2015. If you have a powerful idea that can capture the attention of grassroots investors, then the most effective way to make your concept into a working product, business or organization is through crowdfunding. You will need to market your idea through the most powerful channels—social media and media outreach—but with the right strategists, you can reach thousands or millions of potential backers.

Finding a marketing firm that can provide you with the most successful promotional strategy is difficult in an industry full of less than reliable operators. Among the most respected and trusted is Get Me Crowdfunded, which has a proven track record of delivering on its promises. Get Me Crowdfunded has helped hundreds of clients find the audience they were looking for and secure the funds they needed to launch their new operation. Having raised more than $2 million for its clients, Get Me Crowdfunded is the go-to marketing firm for entrepreneurs who need funding quickly.

This company has built a reputation for outstanding service based on producing crowdfunding success for one client after another. With a Satisfaction Guarantee almost unique in the crowdfunding community, Get Me Crowdfunded offers unparalleled customer service. Our clients know that when they hire us, they will get ongoing communication, responsive strategy management and goal fulfillment.

Get Me Crowdfunded uses a multi-layered approach to marketing. We distribute brilliantly written press releases that reach key media outlets with huge audiences. On top of media outreach Get Me Crowdfunded also uses expert social media marketers to spark interest in the crowdfunding campaign. With thousands of contacts on Twitter and Facebook, your campaign could be on the tongues of millions of people in just days.

Finally, Get Me Crowdfunded offers immense value for your investment. We know that your million dollar idea has to find an audience before you become rich, which is why we offer some of the most reasonable rates. Our packages range from $197 ($375 value) up to $698 ($1,500 value).

You want your crowdfunding campaign to reach as many potential backers as possible, and we want to help you. With the help of our marketing experts, you can transform your idea into a money-making juggernaut.

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