Musician Nightwoof launches Indiegogo campaign to fund his music project

Ramaun Bowie a.k.a. Nightwoof has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to fund an insider music program that will allow him to get more exposure in the music industry and promote himself as an artist.

Bowie, an African American artist who chose “Nightwoof” as a stage name due to his part Indian roots, has been creating music since the age of 15. He holds deep love and passion for music and wishes to reach out to a wider audience. The program he is willing to join has the required professional marketing capabilities to promote his music everywhere and get him signed.

The program will also allow him to distribute his new album, Blood Moon to major companies and also launch a marketing campaign across all the social media platforms as well as fund other marketing events.

Bowie earlier had a group named Woof-pac with his brothers and, unfortunately, the other members of the group have passed away. He wants to fulfill their dream by spreading his music all over the world. Some of the songs that are featured on the Blood Moon album will include Long Way to Go, Hypnotic Temptation feat. Jasmyn Renae and Beautiful Monster feat. Jasmyn Renae among others.

Bowie has started the Indiegogo campaign with a goal of $5000, which is required to get into the music program. The success of the campaign will ensure that he gets signed by prominent music companies so that he can continue writing and producing music. Once he accomplished his goal, he also wishes to support other emerging artists in making their space in the music industry.

The backers have the option to donate from $1 to $1000 and those who can’t donate money can also support his dreams by sharing the campaign on social media. A number of rewards are also available for the backers such as a signed copy of the music album, digital download of the music album along with other merchandise such as t-shirts and other stuff.

More information about the campaign can be seen at–19#/

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