Sex Workers\’ Opera is BACK and Seeking Financial Support Through New Crowdfunding Campaign

XX – Experimental Experience theatre company is celebrating the 2nd year anniversary of their hit show and fellowship Sex Workers’ Opera, and now the team is determined to make this project Bigger, Braver & Badder than Ever. The company has taken the initiative to launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds and support for their expansion plans. The team requires funding to take their cause to the next level and as far as possible, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched on Kickstarter with a funding goal of at least £10,000 to be raised by Fri, Apr 24, 2016.

The Sex Workers’ Opera began as a way for sex workers and their friends to reclaim the arts and break through the stigma and stereotypes attributed to this group through music and singing, the opera is based on stories sent in by Sex Workers from around the world.  

Co-Director of XX – Experimental Experience, Siobhan Knox, said:  “Our members are mothers, carers, sex workers combatting stigma by reclaiming the arts through music, dance and theatre! We want to pay everyone fairly and put on an impactful grassroots show.”

The Sex Workers’ Opera is a form of creative activism that uses the power of music, powerful lyrics, singing and acting to deliver a message that is usually left out by the mainstream media. The show tells a story integrating traditional feminism with the grassroots reality.  Over the course of the last 2 years the show has gone through many stages of development, international press coverage, a sold out run at Arcola in January 2015, and a successful Kickstarter campaign.

This is the second time Sex Workers’ Opera has turned to the online crowd for support, they are seeking to raise funds to cover the costs of paying the 18 person cast, crew and mini-orchestra for a month of their time, Press/PR and production costs (rehearsal space, set design, costumes, props, lighting, box office split).

Co-Director of XX – Experimental Experience, Alex Etchart, added: “If you are able to support the project directly yourself it would be SUPER appreciated, whether £1 or £100 every bit counts… There are loads of fun rewards including a download of our new studio recorded single from the show! Or just giving for the love of the project is great too. Whether or not you can give at this moment, spreading the word is just as important, do you feel like you can contact between 5 and 10 friends to let them know who might be interested/able to support? I’m thinking general friends, activists, artivists, artists, journalists, bloggers, academics, anyone who can contribute and amplify our voice!”

About us: XX – Experimental Experience runs transformative happenings, culture-crashing performance art and creative workshops for Frontline communities. We produce Sex Workers’ Opera.  

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