EzyFit Waist Belt Trainer is the Sweat, No Sweat Answer to Summer Beach Body Weight Loss Claims Manufacturer

Neoprene Waist Belt Trimmer Reduces the Effort Required to Lose Those Pounds

With Easter now behind us and the long weekend break drifting into the memory, thoughts slowly turn to the summer ahead. The evenings get lighter and the days stretch out towards the hotter months and that more relaxing feeling you get, when you have time to sit and watch the sunset from a porch or a deck with an iced drink in hand. It is traditionally the time of year when people start planning their summer vacation. If you are lucky enough, some time on a beach or a lakeside retreat but wherever it may be, let it be warm. Shorts & T-shirt weather, the smell of the BBQ and the taste of a cold one to hand.

It is also the time when we start thinking about losing those winter pounds. The not so imaginary inches that kept us warm through the winter months must be gone before its time to pull on the summer wear. For many of us, losing those few inches around the waist can be a drudge. It is the price that needs to be paid so that we can feel confident at the summer gatherings and strolling on the beach.

Never fear, because according to EzyFit, the waist belt trimmer manufacturer, the process of losing those inches just got a whole lot easier.

A spokesperson for the company explained,

“Our waist belt trimmer is a benefit enhancer. By that I mean that it reduces the amount of time and effort you have to endure to lose the inches around your waist that you want to. It works as you go about your daily routine and if you do work out or exercise, it enhances the results. Whatever you want to achieve, the waist belt will just get you there quicker and easier.”

The EzyFit Waist Trainer Belt is a wide neoprene belt that fits around the tummy and is fastened in place by a wide Velcro strip so that it fits snugly to you without any bulging clasps. The belt once fitted, creates ‘a mobile sauna’ effect, using your own body heat to help metabolize the excess away. The belt fits all sizes up to and including a 46 inch waist and is 8 inches wide to provide the maximum area to go to work on.

The spokesperson continued, “We are extremely happy with the feedback we are getting from our customers. And at the end of the day, it is the customers that  tell you if your product is working as you imagined it would. And it is their words that say it all”

Customer reviews on Amazon have said;

“I recommend this for you if you’re looking for a comfortable waist trimmer and just want to shed a couple of inches off your waist.” By CK on 25th July 2015


I have been using this adjustable waist trimmer for about a week and it is comfortable, easy to put on, and it stays in place when I am working out in the morning. My tummy is already looking smaller plus I have been using this with a cellulite cream and using the waist trimmer as sort of a wrap for that. It does make you sweat a bit so keep drinking water to stay hydrated. I like the Velcro so that I can adjust how tight I want the waist trimmer. So smart!By SH on March 29th 2016


“After getting this, I wore it for 24 hrs straight and while I wore it, It was incredibly comfortable, I had better posture and after the full 24 hrs I took it off to take a shower and my stomach was no longer swollen. I love the quality of this waist trimmer and only wish I found this after I had my surgery.” By CH on 23rd March 2015



The EzyFit Waist Belt Trimmer is available exclusively on Amazon USA. For a limited period the waist belt trimmer may be purchased at a discount to its RRP, (Recommended retail price.)


EzyFit are manufacturer and distributor for the EzyFit Waist Belt Trimmer. The product may be found for sale exclusively on Amazon USA. For further information please visit their website at www.ezyfit.me

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