Lighter Evenings Marks Start of Odd Job Season for Home Improvement Enthusiasts

Tool Safety Highlighted As Homeowners Start Work on Repairs & Odd Jobs around the Home after Winter Months.

With Easter behind us and the clocks having moved forward, Spring is most definitely upon us. At this time of year, as the evenings grow lighter, it is also when we shake off those winter blues and start thinking about all those odd jobs that we have put off through the dark nights. It is the time to start giving the home that has protected us through the ever harsher conditions of winter some added TLC and as you weigh up your list of jobs to do, tool safety manufacturer, Grafton Tools has issued advice asking homeowners to take extra care.

Jack Watson, a spokesperson for the company explained, “Spring is traditionally the time when the Home Improvement enthusiasts come out of their winter hibernation and start getting ready to do repairs and odd jobs that are needed on their homes after another heavy winter. Everyone is a little rusty and we just want to get the safety message out there to people to start slow. First thing everyone should do is sit down and list out the jobs they want to do. Then get into the garage and get the tools out and check them. Check what you have. Check against your list and what you need. Check that what you have is working correctly. Change batteries if necessary and then check again.

If you are working outside, check your power outlets. You do not want to be plugging tools into outlets that may have been damaged over the winter by snow and rain.

The message is check, check and check again. You can never be too safety conscious when working around the home especially when working with power tools and outlets that may have been compromised.”

Grafton Tools are manufacturer and distributor of a Non Contact AC Voltage Tester Pen with built in LED and power shut off for detecting voltage in outlets, wires, switch plates and panels. It alerts for live current via an alarm and flashing light and is calibrated for testing between 90-1000 volts of AC current. The voltage detector also provides extra illumination for those dimly lit inaccessible places via a built in LED light. Added to this is an auto shut off capability for power conservation to ensure that when you come to use the voltage detector, you still have a working tool to hand. The pen tester can be attached to any tool belt via its pocket clip design.

Jack Watson continued, “Our voltage tester pen is an ideal solution for people looking to start work on their homes after the winter break. Winter rain and snow are damaging elements and sometimes the damage they cause can go unseen by the naked eye in the form of damage to electrical supply. The two things you never mix are water and electricity! A few minutes being safe and checking your outlets before starting any work has saved countless lives.”

The Grafton Tool GT-246AC Non Contact AC Voltage Tester Pen is available exclusively on Amazon USA.


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