Face Painting Kit by Bo Buggles Tops Criteria List by Pro Make Up Specialists for Birthday Party Ideas

The Ultimate Face Painting Party Pack Meets Criteria Plus Extra Paint

Face painting is one of the hottest new trends for kids’ birthday parties in 2016 and the activity has lots to offer both parents and children alike as face painting can be a fun, creative and educational tool if planned correctly and most importantly, children just love it!

In a recent article by authority site parenting.com, the three most important factors to have included when choosing a face painting kit for your birthday party activity were listed as;

  1. Choosing water based paints and  AVOIDING OIL BASED PAINT
  2. Having both sponges and brushes to apply the paint
  3. Also include glitter palettes to enhance designs

Whilst it was mainly aimed at the creative side of face painting and what sorts of designs could be achieved, the article was welcomed by face painting party kit manufacturer Bo Buggles.

A spokesperson for the company commented this week, “When you see such a great article on face painting for kids on such a great website then you know that people are really taking onboard the fantastic benefits of face painting at birthday parties all over the country. It’s creative, educational and stimulates kids whilst they are having fun. You can’t beat it!

The Bo Buggles Face Painting Kit for Kids Ultimate Party Pack contains 8 color palettes of water based paint of 4g each plus 2 glitter palettes, 2 sponges and 2 brushes.

The spokesperson continued, “When I read the article initially I thought it could have been about us. The top three criteria of using water based paints and not oil based is us. We have both sponges and brushes in our party pack AND we have two glitter palettes as mentioned at number 3. Everything it mentioned seemed to mirror our party pack. The only thing it didn’t mention was the larger sized palette that our party pack carries. it offers more paint than pretty much all other packs out there. One thing you don’t want at a party is to run out of paint half way through the day! We have already had great feedback from our customers who have purchased the kit. This article just confirms what they said.”

Amazon reviewers were recently quoted,

“Purchased this face painting kit for my sons birthday party and it was a perfect.”


“Super duper uber cute! extremely happy with the quality of this product when I received it. these would be good for family, parties, or any makeup artists like myself looking to experiment for fun. this kit works perfectly and is everything I could have hoped for in a face painting kit.”


Face Paint Kit for Kids by Bo Buggles is a great value. We have 4 children who love getting their face painted at school events, carnivals, birthday parties, and other events, sometimes we don’t have an extra twenty dollars just for their faces to be painted, so I have bought our own and they have SO MUCH more fun with it.


First, I just have to say that there are so many uses for this product. It can be used at birthday parties, Halloween, or ANY holiday party. This is something that I never thought to purchase until now. I didn’t use it for any particular occasion, but I decided to have some fun with my three-year-old daughter and she really loved it.”


This is a great set even for beginners such as myself I was able to create really cute things and I am not super artistic by any means.


The Bo Buggles Face Painting Kit for Boys & Girls Ultimate Party Pack is available to purchase exclusively on Amazon USA. The pack contains an 8 x 4g color palette plus two glitter palettes, 2 brushes and 2 sponges. During the products extended launch period, it may be possible to purchase at a special launch price discount.

Bo Buggles are manufacturers and distributors of The Ultimate Face Painting Kit For Kids Party Pack available exclusively on Amzon.com. For further information about their face paint kit please go to their website at http://www.bo-buggles.com/

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