Travel Security Checklist Should Include RFID Protection Claims Manufacturer

Personal Security from RFID Theft on Vacation Just As Important Says Hugh B Hamilton.

With Easter behind us and spring in the air, it will not be long before thoughts turn to summer and a well earned vacation with family or friends. For a lot of people this will mean travel, hopefully to a new and exciting destination, to somewhere new on the coast, a cabin by the lake or taking the kids to one of the many National parks. The list of potential destinations at home or abroad is endless and for many there is as much excitement in the planning as there is in actually getting away. Part of that planning should always be your personal safety and planning for those unforeseen events that occur to derail the perfect vacation.

If the media had their way we would all spend our vacation at home, cowering under the threat of a terrorist attack. The simple fact is though, that you are more likely to get hit by a bus on the way to the airport than be caught up in a terror plot. However, when it comes to your personal security when you travel, the issues are much closer to home and much less conspicuous.

The problems with being adventurous and trying new places is well, they are new places. A new environment surrounded by new sights and sensations to distract you. And if you are thinking of the more popular destinations then you can bet that you will be sharing these new sights and sensations with a lot of other people, all enjoying the new experience, all distracted by the enjoyment and all potential targets for a new breed of thieves that are growing in number and are using holiday hotspots as a prime target for their operations.

The latest threat whilst travelling, whether it is for work or for vacation, is known as RFID theft.

It can be a silent crime when it takes place with victims not knowing that they have been targeted, unaware that they have had their credit card information stolen. That is, until money starts to disappear from their bank account.

A spokesperson from Hugh B Hamilton explains, “RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and is the technology now being used by credit card companies to allow you to pay for goods through the ‘contactless’ payment process. It’s basically a chip in your card that sends out a signal that contains all your information. The information is then read by a scanning device in the shop where you are buying something and debits your account. The problem is that scanning devices are not difficult to come by and now thieves are able to walk through a crowd and scan your details without you ever knowing. Holiday destinations where there are crowds are a prime target for thieves who can be completely anonymous as they go about their business.”

Protecting your credit cards from being scanned is a relatively simple exercise. It requires placing them within, what is scientifically known a faraday cage. A Faraday cage consists of a wire mesh arrangement that creates a blocking field so that the radio frequency being transmitted by your cards cannot travel any further. This blocking technology is now being sold in the form of wallets where the mesh arrangement has been woven into the fabric of the wallet.

The spokesperson continued, “Our RFID blocking wallet for men looks and feels like any other all leather, designer wallet. By looking at it, you wouldn’t be able to tell that it contains the Faraday cage technology to keep your credit cards safe. We don’t think that this new threat should impact on people’s lives so we have made our wallet to be as useful and as stylish as we can.

For all intense and purposes, it’s a black, all leather, designer wallet. The protection it provides just means that it is one less thing to worry about whilst you enjoy your vacation.

The Hugh B Hamilton RFID blocking wallet for men is a stylish black all leather design wallet that holds six credit card plus an additional slot for ID and sleeve for cash. The wallet is sold exclusively on Amazon USA and Ebay AUS. For a limited period of time the wallet can be purchased at a considerable discount to its RRP, (recommended retail price).


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