VITA PER TUTTI LLC is pleased to announce the second anniversary of its luxury boutique for babies called Happy Mothers

NEWBURY PARK, CA – 30 Mar, 2016 – In the beautiful shopping center of The Village, Dos Vientos Newbury Park California, is where the one of a kind boutique/showroom has opened doors for parents.

After extensive research we were lead to a single conclusion; that there aren’t many stores if any that provide full-time counseling for clients and or parents.

What do we mean by full service? It’s quite simple. When you come to our boutique, every parent will receive professional help, whether it’s interior design, choosing furniture, or suggesting an entire assortment of elements for the unique design of your child’s room. Beginning from clothes to bedding, swings, strollers, toys, and much more.

Everything is neatly chosen and completed based on the parent’s taste and temperament, fitting the theme for your current or future child.

Every parent is able to set an appointment with us in a very likeable, warm environment and atmosphere, because as opposed to most other stores, we will provide our very own Happy Mothers “designers and stylist zone”, in which parents will be able to sit comfortably, drink some green tea, and share with us their vision and needs.

We want to create a place where we will help parents with both design and styling, a place from which no one will leave unsatisfied. We strongly believe that the beauty we surround ourselves with reflects on the beauty in our souls, and that is why it is important for a child to be surrounded with said beauty from his very first days, as it enhances his lookout and perspective of the world, both emotionally and spiritually. – said Claudia Chmielewska stylist and interior designer at Happy Mothers.

This summer Happy Mothers is hosting a Baby Gear and Fashion Show as well as the MaGu Stroller Awards.

The Baby Gear and Fashion Show is dedicated to babies and their parents. This is a series of events presenting the “streets of fashion”. The show will have a Parisian theme – the capital of elegance and is happening early this summer.

The purpose of this show is to present a unique perspective on parenthood paired with fashion. We want to show parents, mothers especially, that you don’t have to compromise between being a parent and remaining elegant and fashionable. We also desire to illustrate beautiful streets with happy, good looking couples walking down the avenues, couples that didn’t have to say “no” to good taste after they entered parenthood.

The person responsible for the entire project is Claudia Chmielewska, which simultaneously is the originator of the entire project.

Claudia has over 10 years of experience in the media market, working for such publications as Your Style, Beauty, Fashion Magazine, DD Media, La Times, Life Magazine. She has organized many international promotion campaigns and events. She worked with Arkadius designer, Children Salon for Armani, baby Dior, DKNY, Guess, Kenzo, and much more.

Claudia Chmielewska graduated from the School of Economics in Warsaw and the Institute Francais de Gestion.She began her adventure with the media when she was less than 18 years old. In 1997, she co-founded the magazine “Vision TV” for At Entertainment in Great Britain, as an advertising director of Vision TV. In 1997-1998, she was the Head of Advertising for TV for the publication “Your Style”. From 1998 to 2000 she held the position of director of advertising for “Beauty magazine”.  She worked for the public relation agency ComPress as director of marketing and promotion, she was responsible for conducting PR campaigns for companies such as: TP, TP Internet, Trader, Renault, and Ster Project. She organized the main loyalty program for TV “Night of internet user.” The most important achievements in her career include participation in the preparation of the first advertising campaign for TOMY, Slim Fast, Kinder Bueno, Unilever, Nestle, and Mercedes-Benz in 1990-1993 in Poland. She organized the first biggest Salem Fashion Show for Levis, and the creation of the modern image in the magazine “Beauty” with a promotion campaign in 1998, “Enjoy the beauty of life.” She created unique artwork for Quick Silver, Reebok, Diesel, Chio, Rossignol and Philips. Since 2009, she was Head Press Manager for Scandinavian PR Agency, and Glitter and Vagabond Swedish brand ambassador. She has worked with the biggest fashion houses, publishers and Fashion Agencies all around the globe. She is a member of the Institute Francais de Gestion. Her passion is design and styling.

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